Meet our customers

We're proud of being part of the journey at some of the fastest growing companies in Denmark.

We visited 2 of our customers to hear more about why high delivery rates and flexible cooperations are crucial for their success.

Meet Ditur and Ecooking!

From shooting stars to e-com comets has gone through the entire journey from start-up to scale-up, to being one of the biggest Danish webshops selling watches - And GLS has been part of that journey from the beginning.

They recently moved into a 6.000 m2 new locations, where more than 90 employees sell watches and accessories to the nordic countries as well as most of Europe.

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From kitchen table to beauty brand

Tina Søgaard is the founder of the skin- and beautybrand Ecooking, and she has a very special nose. Not just for scents, but also for making a business. She started Ecooking at her kitchentable at home in 2015.

Today, the brand is on shelves in more than 25 countries, and the business has grown more than 700% over the last 4 years. GLS has been by her side all the way.

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