Send parcels to Europe and the rest of the world

Don't let national borders hold you back. With a network of 40 GLS countries and partners around the world, we're local all over the world. Our expected delivery time of 24-48 hours to all major European cities becomes your competitive advantage. Whether you want to ship to private or business recipients, we're ready to find the right solution for your business.

Send parcels to private recipients in Europe


Parcels to private addresses

There are no limits to your business growth when you send parcels with GLS. We deliver parcels directly to your doorstep across Europe

International courier service

Parcels to ParcelShops

Your private recipient can choose to have the parcel delivered to a ParcelShop if the country in question supports ShopDelivery.

Customer recieves parcel GLS Express

International returns solution

Your European customers can easily return their parcels through a ParcelShop in countries where ShopReturn is available. In cases where this is not an option, we offer a driver to pick up the parcel at the address.


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Send business parcels worldwide


Parcels to Europe

You can easily send parcels to all your business customers in Europe. We deliver your business parcel to all major European cities within 24-48 hours.

International courier service

Flexible freight transportation worldwide

When you need to transport goods to your global business customers, we're ready with a tailored solution that gets your goods there quickly and safely.

Customer recieves parcel GLS Express

Express, courier and urgent transportation

Your direct route from A to B across borders all over the world goes through our express and courier department. Here, our dispatchers are ready to provide you with the fastest solution.