GLS has rolled out a group-wide programme to systematically identify compliance risks and prevent them in a structural manner.

The programme is designed to protect the GLS Group and its employees while preserving our positive relationships based on trust with our business partners.

We focus on the following key points:

  • Competition law
  • Fighting corruption
  • Compliance with economic sanctions
  • Combatting money laundering
  • Combatting forced labour, slavery and trafficking

The foundation of the compliance system is a comprehensive training programme for our employees, because compliance begins there.

National Compliance Officers, the Group Compliance Department and the Internal Audit Department are the three key entities of the three-tier compliance system that has been put in place.

The compliance system adopts an identical structure in all GLS Group subsidiaries, integrating national differences where necessary.

Code of Business Standards
Supplier Code of Conduct
Environmental standards - GLS Group
Modern Slavery Act

Whistleblower programme

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