Sustainability at GLS

One day, we want to be the parcel distributor that connects people without emitting CO2. We have a goal to deliver your zero-emission parcels by 2045. That's why by 2035, we will only purchase zero- and low-emission vehicles. We have already committed to powering our locations with 100% green electricity and introduced local measures to reduce our energy consumption.

Until we reach our zero-emission target, we will offset our CO2 emissions at no extra cost to our parcel senders and recipients.

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The road to a sustainable GLS

We are aware that we have an impact on the environment around us. This requires everyone in the GLS Group to work together for a greener GLS. This has created Climate Protect, which is the commitment of all GLS countries to reduce our environmental impact through CO2 reduction and climate compensation.

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Climate compensation

When you send parcels with GLS, climate compensation is always included in your delivery. We compensate for our total CO2 emissions until it becomes technologically possible to eliminate all environmentally harmful activities.

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Our additional sustainability initiatives

We continuously invest in the latest technologies to reduce our environmental impact. Read more about the initiatives that will pave the way for us to become a more environmentally friendly parcel distributor.

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Tips for sustainable online shopping

Together we make the biggest difference to our environment. Find out more about how you can contribute to receiving and sending your parcels in a more environmentally friendly way.

Questions about GLS and sustainability

Does it cost extra to have my parcels delivered with climate compensation?

No, climate compensation is included in all deliveries. We take care of all costs so that the economy does not become a limitation for showing consideration for our environment and climate.

We are committed to taking care of our environment and as a parcel distributor we do our best to reduce our impact on the world around us.

That's why we have joined forces with all European GLS countries to create the Climate Protect initiative, where we are working to reduce our climate and environmental footprint. It has launched a number of projects and set ambitious targets that will enable us to deliver all zero-emission parcels by 2045.

We have 56 electric cars that deliver our parcels emission-free every day throughout Denmark. We are continuously adding more electric cars to our transportation fleet, so you have a greater chance of having your parcel delivered in a more environmentally friendly way. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to opt for delivery by electric car.

Carbon offsetting is a way to offset the CO2 emissions we emit when we handle and deliver parcels. By supporting climate projects that reduce CO2 emissions around the world, we compensate for our own CO2 emissions caused by parcel transportation and our other business activities.

Carbon offsetting can never stand alone, but is a complement to our work on CO2 reduction. Until it becomes technologically possible not to emit CO2 when sorting and transporting parcels, we have chosen to compensate in places where we cannot reduce our emissions.

We care about the world we live in and have an ambition to deliver your zero-emission parcels by 2045. We are already investing in electric cars, buying certified green power and optimizing energy where we can. It is not technologically possible to eliminate all environmentally harmful activities if we are still to deliver your parcels.
That is why we have chosen to compensate for the emissions we cannot yet reduce.

GLS Group carbon offsets through our partner ClimatePartner. We support a number of certified climate projects around the world involving renewable energy and forest protection. You can read more about the four climate projects we support here .

At GLS, we are aware that we operate in an industry that has an impact on the environment around us. Across the entire GLS Group, we are constantly working to minimize this impact. Read our guidelines for minimizing environmental impact in the GLS Group.

Read our environmental guideline