Sustainability initiatives in GLS

Responsible use of resources and reducing our emissions are essential to delivering parcels in a more environmentally friendly way. We regularly measure the environmental impact of our activities so that we can identify areas for improvement.

In addition to more electric cars on the road and climate compensation, this has led to a number of measures that have already reduced our climate and environmental footprint.

100% wind energy backed by Ørsted

100% green electricity

At GLS Denmark, we only use 100% certified green electricity at all our locations.

The certification from Ørsted guarantees that all the electricity we use is offset by renewable energy produced in Europe.

optimizing our capacity for delivery

Optimization of parcel routes

Our parcels are sent on optimized parcel routes and loaded on capacity-optimized vehicles. Using the latest technologies helps us improve our transportation processes so that we use the least possible resources to deliver parcels.

Hard parcel on a parcelshop shelf

Energy-optimized locations

We have regular energy audits and adapt our buildings accordingly. LED lighting, heat pumps and solar panels on the roofs are just some of the projects we have invested in to make our buildings energy-optimized.

Three of our depots have solar panels on their roofs, which help minimize our power consumption. We are working to install solar panels on the rest of our depots as soon as possible.


The road to sustainable delivery

We are constantly working to minimize our impact. Read more about how we at GLS are working towards becoming a more climate-friendly parcel distributor.

canoe madre de dios Peru

Climate compensation

At GLS, we compensate for the emissions we cannot yet reduce. Read more about the projects we support on this page.


Tips for sustainable delivery

Together we make the biggest difference to our environment. Find out more about how you can contribute to receiving and sending your parcels in a more environmentally friendly way.