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How do you pick up a parcel from a GLS ParcelLocker after receiving a notification in your inbox?

Have you received a notification that your parcel is waiting to be collected from a GLS ParcelLocker? To pick up your parcel you will need a telephone and the notification to pick up the parcel as well as a payment card in case you are expecting a pay-on collection parcel. The notification also states the location of the Paketomat, which is no more than 3 kilometres away from you. At the ParcelLocker choose the option "Pick up a parcel", enter the code on the notification, and your telephone number to receive a pick-up code by SMS. Enter the pick-up code and the door will open for you to collect your parcel.

How do you pick up a parcel from a GLS ParcelLocker if your have chosen delivery to a ParcelLocker?

To pick up a parcel, you will need the code sent to you by SMS or e-mail, and a payment card if you are expecting a pay-on-collection parcel. The notification also states the location of your chosen ParcelLocker.
At the ParcelLocker, select the option "Pick up a parcel" and enter the code from the SMS or e-mail. If necessary, the ParcelLocker will prompt you to pay the redemption charge with the payment card.
The door will open and you can collect your parcel.

How do I send a parcel from a GLS ParcelLocker?

To send a parcel from the ParcelLocker, first pack the goods securely and measures the parcel.
Now visit and follow the instructions in the 3 purchasing steps.
After paying, you will receive a GLS label which you must print and stick on the parcel.
Select "Submit parcel" on the GLS ParcelLocker. When the door opens, put the parcel in the drawer and close the door.

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With the online platform it is possible to send occasional parcels to businesses and customers. In three simple steps, you can request the pick up and delivery of a parcel to your home or to any European location from any device. Proven easy use: has already received two awards which confirm its excellent user experience. Ship a parcel in just three steps. We guide you through the order quickly and transparently. You can now send multiple parcels with a single payment. You can select the service location on an interactive map. It's also easy and transparent to use on mobile devices.