GLS Slovenia General Business Conditions

Pertaining to parcel forwarding and management

GLS General Logistics Systems Slovenia, logistične storitve d.o.o.

Cesta v Prod 84, 1260 Ljubljana

Hereinafter reffered to as:

GLS Slovenia

General Terms and Conditions for Parcel Distribution and Parcel Handling

General Business Conditions apply to all business activities performed by General Logistics Systems, logistične storitve d.o.o., Cesta v Prod 84, 1129 Ljubljana (hereinafter reffered to as „GLS Slovenia“) in connection with transport, sorting, storage of parcels and all activities related to parcel transportations within Slovenia and GLS international network, irrespective of whether GLS Slovenia itself carries out a parcel delivery or leaves it to an authorized third party. GLS Slovenia is in this respect entitled to independently select business partners or third parties. GLS Group network is a network of companies that are related to the Dutch-based company General Logistics Systems Holding B.V. and other network partners.

1. Introduction

GLS Slovenia carries out domestic and international parcel deliveries, provides services for all parties who enter into a contractual relationship with GLS Slovenia or use online application Poš and settle their obligation under agreed conditions.

In exceptional cases GLS Slovenia reserves the right to refuse a signing of a contractual relationship or to refuse the fulfillment of the contract or freeze it for certain amount of time.

In Slovenia the delivery is carried out at usual reception point for postal services at the consignee, on the next business day and according to the first door of the building. GLS technology enables parcel tracking throughout the process.

Upon receipt of the transport document or by signing the Cooperation Agreement, the sender acknowledges that he is aware of the General Terms and Conditions of GLS Slovenia and agrees with them. The General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the Cooperation Agreement. Payment of transport services is possible with cash or via POS terminal according to the pro forma invoice or after the invoice is issued in the case of contractual cooperation.

General Terms and Conditions define the services and the obligations undertaken by GLS Slovenia as service provider, and all those conditions the performance of which is required from the Custumer in order that GLS Slovenia may perform the forwarding of parcels at the appropriate standard of quality.

GLS Slovenia provides parcel tracking throughout the whole process, regardless of the fact that deliveries are provided by contractually-bound carriers.

By accepting General Terms and Conditions, the contracting parties agree to receive newsletters about new services and other news regarding GLS Slovenia via e-mail address. This agreement can be terminated by each contracting partner by unsubscribing from e-mail newsletter. To unsubscribe from newsletter, click to the unsubscribe button that is part of each e-mail newsletter.

2. Customer Service Department

At the company headquarters GLS Slovenia provides support for its costumers. Customer Service Department operates on working days between 7:30 to 19:00. Upon Custumer request also provides information on parcel delivery (IOD), send proof of delivery (POD) and handles any complaints related to parcel delivery. Information related to the delivery status of parcels is based solely on the parcel number.

Customer Service Department is reachable via:

• phone call: +386 1 500-11-90

• e-mail: and

Information on the status of parcels can be obtained from

the second day following parcel dispatch on the website, using the Track & Trace menu point and based on the parcel reference number.

Within the Customer Service Department has GLS Slovenia created a special department, intended for parcel recipients. Department operates every working day between 7:30 am and 7:00 pm. The addressees can call the number +386 1 500 11 90 and request information on their parcel based on the package number.

3. Enquiries, Complaints and Disputes Management

a) From the Customer Support Department the user can obtain information on parcel delivery (IOD) or request a certificate of service (POD) on the basis of a parcel number.

b) In case of required information on parcel sent after the mentioned period, the time for information transfer is extended to 3 business days.

c) Proof of delivery (POD) are sent free of charge, but only up to 5% of dispatched parcels per month.

d) In addition to information on parcel deliveries, Customer Service Department accepts also any written complaints or claims on damage and forwards them to the GLS Slovenia damage claims administrator.

e) Upon receipt of the complaint, the person responsible ensures that the reports are investigated and informs the complainant in writing about the findings.

f) Complaints may be submitted in a Customer Complaint Book at the headquarters of GLS Slovenia or at other business units of the company. Customer Support Department checks the notes in the Complaint Book at least weekly, and the complaints are processed according to the established procedure and within the appropriate time frame.

g) Customer Service addresses in writing all the complaints within the shortest possible time and at the latest within 30 days of receipt of the complaint and they respond to the complaint in writing.

h) If GLS Slovenia fails to answer to the complaint within the specified deadline or the complainant is not satisfied with the reply given by GLS Slovenia, then the complainant may – within 60 days from the receipt of the response – contact Market Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia.

All complaints shall be recorded and all possible causes of complaints shall be resolved in accordance with the provisions of the ISO standard.

4. Objectives of the General Terms and Conditions of Business and Regional Validity

GLS Slovenia carries out parcel transportations, giving priority to contractual partners. The contractual relationship is based on concluded Cooperation Agreement.The period of validity of the Cooperation Agreement depends on the mutual agreement of both parties, which they agree upon when preparing the offer and concluding a contractual relationship. When entering into a contractual relationship, GLS Slovenia supplies the contracting party with appropriate labels or transport certificates for the proper dispatch of parcels. GLS Slovenia also enters data on the contracting party into its own information system and enables smooth contractual cooperation.

General Terms and Conditions are valid for all activities of GLS Slovenia and include parcel collection, delivery, sorting, loading, unloading, handling and reloading and temporary parcel storage in cases of unsuccessful delivery. They also apply on parcel forwarding into countries within the General Logistics Systems network.

General Terms and Conditions shall apply exclusively for services related to transport that are covered by contracts concluded with GLS Slovenia. Therefore they do not apply to the delivery of imported parcels as in these cases clients conclude a contract with GLS Slovenia partner company and according to general conditions of the foreign partner.

Services provided by GLS Slovenia:

• 24-hour business parcel delivery service (Business Parcel) and small business parcel delivery (Business Smallparcel) across Slovenia (next day delivery, information on delivery times);

• parcel delivery services to all EU Member States and to Turkey, Norway, Switzerland and Serbia. This cooperation is pursued within the GLS General Logistics Systems network;

• import of parcels sent from the member states of the GLS General Logistics Systems network and also from Switzerland. The customs clearance of these parcels shall be made in accordance with the instructions of the addressee and their delivery.


A rapid and efficient door-to-door parcel delivery service across Slovenia. Parcels, collected anywhere across Slovenia, are delivered the next working day during usual business hours (between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.). A second delivery attempt is free.


Urgent parcels will be delivered within the agreed time: by 9 a.m., 10 a.m. or not later than by noon on the next working day after the day of pick-up. An additional service fee is charged to standard delivery price. The service is available only in certain towns and for those using the online application Connect, which also include a list of locations. In case the agreed delivery time should be exceeded by more than 15 minutes and GLS Slovenia was responsible for the delay, the cost of express services is reimbursed.

BusinessSmallParcel and ExpressSmallParcel

Special handling for parcels up to 2 kg includes separate sorting, separate transport, special GLS bags and a simplified procedure for labeling small parcels using the GLS triangle for this purpose lenght 10cm – 40cm

Domestic and international parcel transport: at the request of the sender GLS picks up and delivers parcels to the location specified by the client. For all times - from pick up to final delivery - the parcel is constantly under control. The sender can also track his/hers parcel at any time and obtain information related to it. Proof of delivery (POD) is available for inspection (within the limits of the applicable restrictions). GLS Slovenia commits to verify the address and to deliver the parcel to the verified address in the event of a change of address. The second delivery attempt is included in the service following a first unsuccessful delivery. At the request of the sender or addressee, the parcel will be delivered to another or original address at a different time.

EuroBusinessParcel and EuroBusinessSmallParcel

Reliable, fast and efficient road distribution of "door-to-door" parcels deliveries with short transit times in 36 European countries.

Export parcel forwarding (internationally integrated parcel distribution service): the parcels are delivered by foreign contracted partners of General Logistics Systems while ensuring that the parcel remains - from pick up to delivery - under the surveillance of General Logistics Systems and that the information, related to the parcel as well as the proof of delivery, can be retrieved at any time (within the limits of the restrictions applicable).

With respect to export parcels, the transit time (from the pick-up to the delivery of the parcel to a depot of a targeted country that also performs customs clearance (these procedures are not included in transit time)) depends on the destination country and can vary from 1 to 6 working days following pick-up. The time required for customs clearance varies according to the local regulations, and the related charges are borne by the customer or the addressee. If the addressee does not perform its payment obligation related to customs clearance in the case of an export parcel, GLS Slovenia will charge these costs to the Client.

In the event of a change of address, GLS undertakes to verify the address and to perform delivery to the verified address. The service includes the second delivery attempt following an unsuccessful delivery. In certain countries, following the first delivery attempt, the parcel is stored at the GLS ParcelShop nearest to the addressee’s address (the specified delivery address), where the addressee can collect his parcel. If the addressee fails to collect the parcel by the deadline indicated in the relevant notice, the parcel is returned to the sender without another delivery attempt.

Value-added services that may be provided to Customers for a price surcharge:


Guaranteed next-day parcel delivery – with this service GLS Slovenia undertakes to ensure delivery on the next working day after pick-up In case the agreed delivery time is not met through the fault of GLS Slovenia, GLS Slovenia will reimburse the cost of transport and double amount of surcharge for this service.


Pickup and delivery – At the request of the customer, GLS Slovenia collects a parcel from the specified location and delivers it to the customer's address anywhere in Slovenia. The service can be used for domestic or international transport.


Pickup and delivery to a third party - at the request of the customer, GLS Slovenia collects a parcel from the specified location and delivers it to any address in Slovenia. The service can be used in domestic or international transport.


Cash on delivery – payment that is collected from the recipient of the parcel is transferred at least twice a week to the client's bank account. The additional fee for the service includes the cost of the bank transfer within the given country. The fee for the service is also charged in the event of an unsuccessful attempt to hand over the parcel. When sending export parcels, a customer must have an open bank account in the country where he is sending goods subject to payment on delivery: in Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary or in Romania.

The payment for COD in GLS Slovenia can be settled (upon costumer’s choice) with cash, with the debit or credit card through a POS terminal that the courier has with, or via GLS ParcelLocker.


Parcel exchange - delivery of the parcels to the addressee with a simultaneous pickup of a return parcel. When choosing this additional service and actually accepting the new parcel, the sender will be charged for the cost of the additional service and the cost of delivery of an exchanged parcel.


Call before delivery - Possible combinations with Business-Parcel and Business-Small Parcel. As with any other service, the customer can choose it while entering data into the IT system. When using Contact-Service, the recipient's telephone number must be indicated on the parcel label in addition to the usual data. GLS drivers are obliged to call the addressee and inform them about the intent and delivery time. The service is charged and visible as an additional specification item on invoice,


To the addressee - By ordering this service, the sender specify and names the person to whom the parcel is intended. Delivery of the parcel takes place upon presentation of ID by the addressee. The number of the ID document is indicated on the transport document.


Delivery on a specified day – by ordering this additional service the recipient can pre-determine the date for delivery of the parcels. The maximum delay is 5 working days from the day of the parcel acceptance.


Document management – A solution when accompanying documents of the dispatched parcel must be signed by the recipient and then returned to the sender. GLS Slovenia's General Terms and Conditions do not apply to this service.


Addressee to collect - Use the service if you want to keep the parcel at one of GLS units based on a prior agreement and the addressee can pick it up. Contact details of GLS units are published on our website or you can call the Customer Support Department.


An additional compensation - under the Compensation Form in case of damage or loss can be drawn separately per parcel. The maximum value of compensation for domestic and international transport is € 2,000. The service can be ordered by completing the GLS Connect form, GLS Connect Online application and My GLS.


SMS notification - the day before delivery, the sender informs the addressee on the parcel delivery. The text is compiled by the sender and may include a parcel identification number and the amount that will be payable upon delivery. The telephone number of GLS Customer Service Office is also automatically added. The service can only be ordered using GLS Connect, GLS Connect Online and My GLS application, and the message should not exceed 130 characters.


In the morning hours, GLS sends an SMS message informing the addressee of the estimated time of delivery. The SMS contains the identification number of the parcel, the estimated time of delivery (as a three-hour delivery window) and the telephone number of the GLS Customer Service Office. The service can only be requested via GLS Connect, GLS Connect Online application and My GLS.



If an additional service is ordered, GLS Slovenia will try to deliver the parcels to the addressee up to three times and offers in addition five alternative options to delivery. The addressee receives via e-mail or SMS text access to an online application, where can request either delivery at a new address, to the one of GLS depots or GLS ParcelShop, the choice of the second day of a delivery without a signature (in a mailbox).

If there are no instructions given, the parcel will be automatically delivered to the originally given address on the fifth day.

The service can be ordered on a flat-rate basis for all parcels or ad-hoc based via GLS Connect, GLS Online application and My GLS.


When using ShopDelivery-Service the parcel will be delivered directly to the selected GLS ParcelShop or GLS ParcelLocker. When sending multiple parcels to the same addressee, each parcel is charged separately. Addresses, locations and opening hours can be viewed on our website.


In the case of using manual handling service, we will provide special care when handling your parcel: it will not be sorted by strips but manually.

In the case of transport of goods excluded from the General Terms and Conditions, GLS Slovenia does not guarantee for the damage incurred during the transport and is not liable for the resulting damage.


LateCollection or late pick up of the parcels is a service where your parcels are collected in the afternoon, between 17:00 and 19:00. The customer can choose to use the service only with the prior arrangement with the sales department. When the service is activated, it applies to all of your parcels and it cannot be separately selected for each parcel. Price for a service is charged for each package separately.

Payment COD with payment card (BankCardService)

It allows customers to pay COD with a payment card. The service is charged to the sender; For domestic parcel 1.13% of the value of COD, for international packages (export parcel) 1.5% of the value of COD.


Due to the intensive spread of the new COVID -19 coronavirus in Europe and Slovenia, GLS Slovenia has introduced contactless delivery of the parcel from 23 March 2020 as a preventive measure to protect the health of senders, recipients and couriers. The service is selected by the recipient via the Flex Delivery manager ( In this case the recipient does not sign the "scanner", but the courier enters the recipient's first and last name and a service code (CLD) is displayed in the signature field. In this way, the recipient receives the parcel without contact and confirms receipt of the undamaged shipment. This also removes the right to claim compensation for the absence of a signature from both the recipient and the sender.

5. A parcel, Transport Document, Packaging, Addressing,


The responsibility of the sender is to ensure that adequate packaging is used. The sender is also obliged to properly use transport document that includes all the necessary data of the addressee (the exact name, address, zip code and city, country name, phone number and contact person) and the correct weight of the parcel are clearly visible.

A carefully and professionally packed goods enable that dispatched parcel is - after parcel sorting with a conveyor belt and additional handling - in a condition suitable for efficient road transport and a successful delivery to the destination address. GLS Slovenia takes responsibility only for properly packed and properly addressed parcels. In case of inadequate packing, GLS Slovenia reserves the right to repackage such a parcel in a proper packing and charge all additional costs related to this case.

A parcel that will be forwarded for export must be equipped with documents necessary for export in international transport: with an address written on each parcel, it has to include export invoices (in three copies, which also applies when sending free samples or free parcels). Possible delays occurring because of incomplete or missing documents are the responsibility of the sender or the party who issued the incomplete documentation. It's obligation of the sender or this party to take into an account possible costs incurred by GLS Slovenia.

Conditions relating to parcel packaging:


• The user can send packages that are completely closed.

• Parcels with long and sharp edges are not suitable for transport.

• We do not accept and deliver parcels on the pallets.

• The user has to ensure that adequate packaging and quality materials are used. The parcel needs to be optimally exploited: only the appropriate size, the quality of the packaging and the completely filled interior space protects the goods against possible damage.

• Fragile items must be appropriately packed with styrofoam, bubble wraps or similar upholstery material. 'Fragile' sticker serves only as a warning and does not constitute protection of the contents of the parcel.

• Electronic devices, intended for repair, must be packed in complete, original packaging and properly padded.

• Accumulators batteries must be wrapped only in a transparent foil.

• Car tires can only be packed in two together. They must be fastened together so that they cannot separate during transport.

• Plastic bottles need to be protected individually from all sides and use appropriate inner fill.

• Goods that can not be properly packaged should be additionally and adequately protected before the wrapping with foil.

• The parcel should be closed from all sides and glued with adhesive tape, preferably with adhesive tape, which has the sender's logo on it.

• GLS Slovenia does not accept parcels that are interconnected, as they can be separated from each other and, in such case, only the delivery of the parcel that is adequately equipped occurs. In this case, GLS Slovenia assumes no responsibility for undeliverable parcels..

• The name, address of the addressee, transport certificate, stickers for additional services and other designations must be affixed to the maximum area of the parcel.

• When using monetary service (Cash-Service), must be the full amount when sending data in electronic form as well as on the parcel itself.

• Hazardous goods must not be handed over even with external labeling.

GLS Slovenia avoids damage to parcels in any case and ensures that delivery process takes place smoothly. At the same time, the Customer Support Department provides free of charge advice to users for a proper dispatch and packing of parcels.

GLS Slovenia reserves the right to levy for a manual handling according to the valid price list for the parcels that require that sort of handling and are not suitable for manipulating on conveyor belts.

The »Fragile« label does not relieve the sender from the obligation to apply proper packaging methods for the goods, as the label does not protect the contents of the parcel.

6. Parcel Collection

Parcel collection takes place at the address of the sender or under agreed conditions (address and time) that are agreed on in time of the conclusion of the contractual relationship. GLS Slovenia is entiteled to a maximum 30 minutes delay - before or after - of the agreed time in the Cooperation Agreement.

Sender can also submit parcel to any of GLS Slovenia business unit (the list of business units is published on the website Accepted parcels are usually delivered on the next business day after they were handed over to GLS (valid for service in Slovenia).

GLS Slovenia driver does not check if sent parcel is appropriately packed, but has the right to refuse acceptance of visual inadequately packaged parcels.

Upon acceptance of the parcel, GLS Slovenia will issue a certificate of acceptance of the parcel and by that confirming only the number of accepted parcels.

Scanning and weighing of parcels take place on GLS Slovenia's electronic scales. GLS Slovenia drivers do not weigh parcels.

The user has several types of documents for parcel identification:

• A copy of the label with which the parcel is equipped (MAXI label)

• Self-adhesive identification number of the parcel (while using the MINI or MAXI label, it is possible to use two labels with a parcel identification number)

• List of sent parcels printed out from GLS Connect Online, GLS Connect or My GLS.

The basis for the calculation of the services is the number of sent and successfully delivered parcels and a weight of each parcel. Services are charged per parcel.

User receives exact information on the number and a weight of the parcel (specification) in an electronic form.

7. Delivery

Upon delivery a parcel is properly packaged and equipped with a legible delivery address. When a driver arrives at a delivery address, must not wait. If he waits, the delivery process may be broken off.

GLS Slovenia driver hands over a parcel in exchange for the signature of the addressee or other person if it is assumed that they are entitled to receive the parcel. This primarly includes people who are present in the premises of the addressee or other people in possession of the appropriate letter of authorization.

The addressee finally confirms a delivery by signing GLS Slovenia delivery note list. The driver may request the recipient to indicate his name in addition to the signature. This data is then stored in the scanner, where all the data on delivery is available via telephone or electronically.

During the confidential parcel delivery (AddresseeOnly Service) the recipient must prove his identity based on a personal document. In addition to the signature of the addressee, the ID number of the identity card or passport must also be recorded.

When using CashService a parcel is only delivered in return for a payment and the addressee has to sign a receipt. The addressee may not examine the content of the parcel beforehand.

8. Weight and Size Limits for Parcels

GLS Slovenia provides parcel transportation for parcels which have a weight up to 40 kg and do not exceed the following dimensions: a length of no more than 200 cm, a height up to 60 cm and a width of 80 cm, provided that overall height, width and length (2 x height + 2 x width + 1 length) does not exceed 300 cm.

If parcel is larger than the maximum extent allowed, GLS Slovenia reserves the right to charge additional costs incurred in connection with this. Absolute weight shall be taken into account when calculating transport costs. If calculated volumetric weight exceeds the actual weight of the parcel, GLS Slovenia has the right to charge transport costs on the basis of the determined volumetric weight (H x L x W / 10.000).

A parcel that will be forwarded for international transport must be packed in cardboard packaging, with maximum weight 40 kg and may not exceed following dimensions: length from 10 cm to 200 cm; height from 15 cm to 60 cm and width from 5 cm to 80 cm, provided that the sum of 2 x height + 2 x width + 1 length does not exceed 300 cm. In international transport, the service period is from 2 to 6 working days and does not include the time of transport from the sender's address to the GLS export center and from the GLS import center to the addressee, also does not include spent time for customs procedures and force majeure to which GLS cannot influence.

Using service Business Small Parcel - Small Business Parcel and Express Small Parcel - Small express parcel is the maximum permissible weight of an individual parcel 2 kg and length of 40 cm.

GLS Slovenia collects each parcel at the client's address or at the ordinary location for pick up, in accordance with the information provided in the Cooperation Agreement. The weight is automatically assigned to the parcel's identification number. The weight of an individual parcel is the basis for the automatic billing of services.

With parcels exceeding the specified dimensions there is a risk that they will not be timely delivered. In such cases, GLS Slovenia is entitled to redirect such parcels to other carriers and any transport costs of such parcels are transferred to the sender. With respect to these parcels General terms of Compensation in the event of damage or loss, a time guarantee for delivery does not apply.

9. Types of Goods Excluded from GLS Slovenia Services

Types of goods that are generally not accepted for delivery:

• Goods by nature prone to destruction

• Perishable goods.

• Human remains, live animals or plants.

• Goods in bags, sachets, bulk goods and goods in wooden crates.

• High value goods, precious metals, paintings and other works of art, as well as objects with sentimental value.

• Antiques, securities and other documents with monetary value,

• Jewelery, fur, gold, silver, money and coins.

• Goods requiring storage at specified temperatures.

• (Prohibited) Weapons and (prohibited) ammunition and explosive materials.

• Parcels with long and protruding parts.

• Parcels that are strapped together to form a single unit.

• Glass and glassware.

• The delivery at P.O. boxes..

• Drugs.

• In the case of domestic or international deliveries exceeding value of EUR 2000 euros, state-controlled products, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.

• Inappropriately packaged goods and goods that are not suitable for transport via parcel distribution.

• Oversized and/or overweight parcels (if they exceed size limits set out in point 8).

• Fragile products and other goods for which special rules are laid down in transport...

• Lithium Metal batteries are completely excluded from airfreight transport. For all other types of Lithium batteries IATA/DGR regulations have to comply and the sender is responsible for the correct and complete documentation.

• For all international deliveries parcels with personal belongings as goods subjected to exercise duties and charges and goods accompanied by ATA documentation are rejected. It is forbidden to send goods which, in accordance with legal provisions, including resolutions and measures adopted by the United Nations, prohibit or infringe any Member State of the European Union or the country of origin, transit or destination of any trade or economic restriction, or sanctions currently in force

10. The Service

GLS Slovenia as a mass parcel provider carries out parcel transportations. Deliveries are carried out by the contractual partners who are monitored during the entire process by GLS Slovenia which guarantee for their quality service provision.

All services provided by the contracting carriers are visible on the invoice as provided services and are not indicated separately.

GLS Slovenia accepts closed and undamaged parcels for transportation without checking their contents and after delivery of closed parcels to the addressee.

By way of exception has GLS Slovenia the right to inspect the contents of the parcels if there is suspicion of violating of the provisions of Article 9. If GLS Slovenia discovers such parcel during the transport or storing, it shall notify the sender accordingly. The sender must collect the parcel at the GLS headquarter or business unit at his own expense.

Scope, characteristics and conditions of the services:

1. The content of the services: parcel acceptance is carried out in GLS Slovenia's business units, central depot, at the address of the sender or at the site designated by the sender.

2. The service of parcels: the service is completed correctly when the parcel is served on the usual reception location at the address of the addressee against the signature of the addressee or the person for whom it can be concluded that is authorized for a parcel reception.

3. Delivery time: across Slovenia service is carried out according to the »door-to-door« system for all parcels handed over to GLS Slovenia (between 8 am and 8 pm), while a 24-hour mark means delivery service on the following day.

In accordance with the General Terms and Conditions, the customer may also order ExpressParcel (morning delivery) to the locations in Slovenia specified in the list provided by GLS (deliveries are performed by noon on the next working day).

When dispatching parcels from GLS ParcelLocker or GLS ParcelShop the delivery time is s 1-2 business days.

Delivery time in international parcel transport is from 2 to 6 working days and does not include the time of transport from the sender's address to the GLS export center and from the GLS import center to the addressee, also does not include spent time for customs procedures and force majeure to which GLS cannot influence. The country-specific transit times are described in the International Transport Services Tenders. When transported goods are subject to customs procedures, the transit time shall be extended accordingly to the time when the customs procedures are carried out.

4. Delivery attempt: After the first unsuccessful attempt, a second attempt is free of charge. If the parcel cannot be delivered due to incorrect or incomplete address or wrongly written addressee, addressee's absence or if the addressee refuses to take the parcel, service is deemed to be executed if GLS Slovenia leaves a notification card. In case of refusal GLS Slovenia issue new transportation document. In this case, GLS Slovenia can submit a parcel at a public place for storage at the expense of the sender and also notify the sender about it.

If the sender does not immediately give instructions about the further handling actions and does not assume any additional costs, GLS Slovenia may sell the parcel in accordance with Obligations Code and cover its costs with the money received.

If GLS Slovenia cannot deliver the parcel at the first attempt, parcel is stored in GLS Slovenia depot for maximum of 4 days (the exception is the addressee's vacation notice, in this case parcel is stored for maximum of 10 working days.) On the 5th day after the first unsuccessful delivery attempt, the second delivery attempt is made. If parcel cannot be delivered, will be returned to the sender without prior notice. The addressee can collect the parcel in GLS Slovenia's business units within 5 business days.

After unsuccessful delivery attempt (or before the first attempt upon instructions from the sender or recipient of the parcel), GLS Slovenia may transfer the parcel to the GLS ParcelShop or GLS ParcelLocker. This delivery option has to be approved by the addressee or the sender, unless agreed differently. GLS Partner Parcel Shop Petrol, OMV and Trafika 3DVA will additionally charge the service for takeover parcel of €0.45 and the service to process the ransom of €1.05 for each parcel.

If the addressee is not at the address and is not available on the supplied telephone number and the delivery address is located within a distance of 3 km from GLS ParcelLocker, the driver may leave the parcel there without the consent. In the case of a COD (cash on delivery) parcel, customers can pay for it only with a card.

5. Information on Delivery Service (IOD): GLS Slovenia provides information on parcels to the sender on the next business day after the parcels were handed over to the company. The sender can obtain information about the parcel by phone, via e-mail or by using the parcel tracking service on the company's website At the same time, the sender is entitled to a free of charge written or electronic proof of delivery (POD) for up to 5% of daily delivered parcels. In case of exceeding 5%, GLS Slovenia has the right to charge for the service of issuing written or electronic POD due to the increased scope of work. The POD (Rollkarte), signed by both signatories, or instead approved and signed electronically (scanned) document, shall be considered as appropriate proof of delivery.

6. Cash on Delivery Service: GLS Slovenia carries out the delivery service only on the basis of the duly completed Form by the sender, whereby must be adequately equipped with all the necessary information indicating cash payment upon parcel delivery. It should not exceed the value of each parcel and is limited to a maximum allowable value of 2000,00 € per parcel. Cash on Delivery (COD - Cash on Delivery Service) is charged also in case of failure of delivery service or delivery.

Collected amount of money is always transferred to the bank account of the adjudicating entity of service.

While providing Cash on Delivery service, GLS participates only in the collection of money in accordance with the instructions of the client; GLS has no right to make any declarations on behalf of the contracting authority or to conclude an agreement with the addressee. The contracting authority is obliged to comply with the provisions of the latest laws and regulations on the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing.

7. Document return services: GLS Slovenia is providing a return service only on the basis of the duly completed The Additional Services Form completed by the sender and adequately equipped parcel with all the necessary information for the service. The number of the document to be returned must be indicated on the designated space on the Additional Services Form.The accompanying documents must be affixed to the outer side of the parcel. In these agreements General conditions Compensation in case of damage or loss is not covered. While providing this service, GLS Slovenia employees will cooperate with clients and recipients, so GLS Slovenia will not be able to remove any hindrances related to work. . In the event that any obligations arising from the provision of these services can not be met, for any reason, GLS Slovenia will not be financially liable for this or will not bear any consequential losses. The customer can not initiate a claim against GLS Slovenia for any loss related to the delivery of parcels that have been collected and delivered as closed parcels.

11. Parcel Transport Costs and Reimbursement

GLS Slovenia agrees with the contracting party on the cost of delivery service and the cost of additional services in accordance with the Cooperation Agreement and The Offer for the Provision of Transport Services. In case of subsequent amendments, the additional annex to the Cooperation Agreement needs to be signed by both parties. The method of calculating additional services and the fuel surcharge can be changed.

After receiving the invoice the sender pays for the transport costs on the due date of the invoice. The billing period and the time limit for the payment are laid down in the Cooperation Agreement.

The appeal period is 8 days from the date of invoice.

In case of rejected goods or goods of unusual size, the customer will be charged accordingly to the current valid price list.

For non-EU countries, export prices are based according to DDU Incoterms Clause (Delivered Duty Unpaid).

In addition to the transport costs, the sender is additionally charged for the export customs clearance. The addressee pays for customs and the tax.

For non-EU countries, the charge of import customs clearance procedures, a duty on import and VAT is additionally paid.

GLS Slovenia carries out special orders for customs clearance solely on the basis of a prior agreement!

12. Obligations of the Client

The sender is obliged to package the parcel adequately and provide it with a transport document in such a way that the information about the addressee (exact name, address, postal code and place, telephone and contact person) as well as the weight of the parcel are clearly visible. Carefully and professionally packaged goods are necessary for safe and efficient automatic sorting with conveyor belts and handle it suitable for efficient road transport, so the goods arrive intact at the destination address. GLS Slovenia assumes responsibility only for properly packaged and properly addressed parcels. In the event of inadequately packaging, GLS Slovenia reserves the right to repackage such parcel and to accrue additional costs incurred in this regard.

A parcel must be equipped with all transport documents required for successful delivery: an address written on each parcel, accompanied by the export accounts(in three copies, which also applies when sending free samples or free parcels). Delays resulting from incomplete or missing documents are the responsibility of the sender or the party who issued the incomplete documentation, It's obligation of the sender or this party to take into an account possible costs incurred by GLS Slovenia..

A client is committed to meet all financial obligations in due determined in the Cooperation Agreement. When failing to comply with contractual obligations, shall be subject to the provisions referred to in point 14. of these General Terms and Conditions..

13. The Right of Disposal

In the absence of the addressee, the recipient and the customer may authorize GLS Slovenia to deliver the parcel to a neighbor or other relevant person, that is to give a signature to a driver to collect a parcel, so the driver does not leave notification of delivery. In the case of such – written or verbal – authorizations, the delivery certificate (IOD, POD) will be prepared in a modified format.

To the customer GLS Slovenia also offers an option for handing over or collecting parcels at the GLS ParcelShop. This is always an individual contract between GLS Slovenia and the customer.

14. Invoicing, Prepayments

GLS Slovenia performs the service exclusively subject to the payment of delivery by the customer.

An invoice for services rendered is always issued retrospectively for the period agreed in the contract, with an exception of the use of the web application Poš, in which the delivery cost is settled according to the pro forma invoice. GLS Slovenia shall issue invoices for the services provided, in a single amount, with the payment deadline specified in the contract of cooperation from the date of issue of the invoice. Invoices are always settled via bank transfer. The specification of the invoice contains information indicating the parcel numbers, weight and fee.

The contracting parties can receive invoices in PDF format or by post.

The client is obliged to settle the invoice via bank transfer within the time limit specified in the contract. In the event of late payment, GLS Slovenia will charge (according to Paragraph 4 of Article 2 of Act Amending the Statutory Default Interest Rate Acthe Act on the prescribed interest rate for default interest) default interest from the first day of default and will demand reimbursement of its expenses incurred in relation to the collection of the overdue receivables.

In case of subsequent printing of invoices (transcript of the invoice), GLS Slovenia we will charge EUR 3.00 + VAT for reprinted and sent invoice.

In the event of late payment, GLS Slovenia reserves the right to withhold retention of collected money of the purchased payments and parcels. GLS Slovenia will notify the customer of the amount and source of "buy-out" payments that was used to offset overdue outstanding open items. If the customer agrees to a previous agreement, "buy-out" payment may also be offset by unpaid invoices.

GLS Slovenia has a lien on goods and cash od delivery parcels sent or received by contracting authority without prior notice for all costs incurred in connection with goods and cash parcels - freight charges, fees, etc. - and all other claims against the customer arising from GLS Slovenia or its partners. If claims to which GLS Slovenia is entitled have not been paid within the time limit, is GLS Slovenia entitled to sell as much of the goods and hold as many cash in delivery parcels as they need to cover all claims including the costs incurred.

If our client sends a parcel outside the EU and the addreesee of the parcel does not pay customs duties, the customs duties will be charged to the sender of the parcel.

15. Warranty

When using Guaranteed24 Service -while a 24-hour mark means delivery service on the following business day - GLS Slovenia ensures that the parcel is delivered the next business day. Otherwise, GLS Slovenia will reimburse the total transport cost and twice the value of the service charge.

In the case of choosing ExpressService the addressee must be available at the delivery address at least one hour before the delivery attempt. When using the service, the telephone number of the addressee of the parcel is mandatory information. In the case of incorrect or missing data, GLS Slovenia does not cover the reimbursement of the transport cost and the cost of the service. In case of delayed delivery, the consignor is entitled to reimbursement of the entire transport and service costs by GLS Slovenia. A delay in delivery service must be reported in writing to the GLS Slovenia no later than 15 days after the successful delivery of the parcel.

16. Liability for loss of or damage to parcels

GLS Slovenia provides compensation (parcel insurence) for

the client, with respect to each parcel, in the event of damages attributable to GLS Slovenia. This is for the damage, resulting from negligent or unprofessional handling, including partial or total loss or destruction of the parcel. The fee for the automatic

parcel insurance in case of damage or loss of the parcels is included in the price of transport paid by the customer. Compensation in the event of damage or loss provides coverage for direct damage, with respect to the replacement or repair value, and excluding any consequential damages.

The parcel delivery service user has the right to lodge a complaint immediately upon delivery, or at the latest within 30 days of delivery, if the deficiencies are not immediately visible. If the parcel delivery user does not file a complaint within the time periods set out in the preceding paragraphs of this Article, he shall lose the right to compensation.

The transport service provider must reply to the complaint within 30 days for the parcels that were sent within domestic postal transport and within two months for parcels sent internationally, otherwise, the user of the transport service may lodge a request to an agency to resolve the dispute within 15 days after the expiry of the deadline

Failure to meet the above deadline shall render the claim for compensation null and void.

GLS Slovenia guarantees a loss or damage to the package up to an amount of EUR 200,00 for domestic and foreign packages. In these cases, payment is made to the transaction account of the claimant. Consignor in case of additional payment of compensation in case of damage or loss of the package in a higher amount, on the basis of a previously completed Compensation Form in case of damage or loss of the package. GLS Slovenia is not responsible for the consequent loss of business.

If the insurance fee is included in the base price of the domestic service, the amount of indemnity is the same as the value for acquisition, replacement or repair. the amount of indemnity may also include the service fee, but may not exceed 200,00 EUR.

If the double fee for domestic service exceeds this amount, the compensation in case of damage or loss will provide coverage up to twice the cost of transport.

In the event of non- or late performance of a guaranteed deadline delivery service, the indemnity amount may amount to double the service fee. It will not qualify as a damage incident, nor does compensation be paid, if GLS Slovenia fulfils out a guaranteed deadline order with delay for inevitable reasons beyond its control or fails to return the delivery note, provided that GLS Slovenia credibly certifies the delivery of the parcel in its own system (IOD, POD). In such a case the claim of the client can only be enforced against the addressee, and GLS Slovenia shall bear liability in the amount of the price of the service.

GLS Slovenia does not assume liability for late delivery of parcels that do not have a guaranteed deadline delivery.

Without the consent of GLS Slovenia, the customer has no right to assign its transfer compensation in case of damage or loss to third parties.

GLS Slovenia does not bear any responsibility for valuables already included in other compensations. The client has the right to conclude compensation in case of damage or loss.

The service provider shall arrange for payment of the compensation, which is found to be justified, within eight working days of the day of the approval.

The procedures to be followed in respect of compensation in the event of damage or loss are governed by GLS Slovenia in the General Terms in the event of damage or loss.

17. Limitation Clause

Upon expiry of one year from the 15th day following a dispatch, all open claims against GLS Slovenia shall expire on legal grounds.

18. Anti-corruption Clause

A contract in which, in the name or on behalf of the other contracting party, the contracting entity, the representative or the intermediary of a public sector body or organization, promises, offers or gives any unauthorized benefit:

• to acquire a job

• for a conclusion of a deal under more favorable conditions or

• for the waiving due control over the performance of contractual obligations or

• for any other different conduct or omission, the damage is caused to the contracting authority, authority or public sector organization or the unauthorized benefit to the representative of the contracting authority, authority, public authority intermediary or public sector organization, the other contractual party or its representative, agent or an intermediary is annulled.

19. Validity of the Subsequent Agreements

The subsequent agreements as well as any other agreements shall only be valid if in writing..

GLS Slovenia reserves the right, in respect to certain issues, to conclude and sign an agreement with terms that deviates from the General Terms and Conditions on certain issues, although such an agreement may not be in conflict with regulations listed in item 1. or other legal arrangements governing postal activities and shall only be valid if in writing.

20. Partial validity / Jurisdiction

If any of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions becomes invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the other provisions of the General Terms and Conditions. Such invalid provision needs to be replaced by such applicable provisions, which relate to the economically-related objective to the repealed provisions.

In the event of a dispute, the parties may turn to the Agency for Communication Networks and Services of the Republic of Slovenia (AKOS) and the jurisdiction court in Ljubljana.

21. General or Local Limitation and Temporary Suspension of Service Provision

GLS Slovenia may limit or temporarily suspend parcel forwarding service on the basis of the terms of these General Terms and Conditions if this is required due to an event of force majeure or governmental regulations.

GLS Slovenia may suspend the service in certain areas or

depart from the generally applied delivery schedule due to traffic-related limitations or meteorological conditions.

GLS Slovenia shall inform the Clients about the limitation or suspension of the service. In these cases, the customer cannot claim any damages.

22. Data protection, the Obligations of Confidentiality

1. GLS Slovenia processes and transmits data on the parcel delivery service or data obtained in connection with deliveries – an exception is in place for paragraph 2. to 6. of this provision – with due consideration to the Act on the Protection of Personal Data and the Disclosure of Data of Public Interest.

2. GLS Slovenia can inspect closed parcels only to obtain necessary information and to the extent that it’s important for continuity of service.

3. GLS Slovenia undertakes to:

a) not to open closed parcels unless by way of exception noted in paragraph 5. of this provision.

b) may inspect - if necessary - all parcels which are not closed for the purpose of obtaining the necessary information for dispatch, sorting, forwarding and delivery;

c) may not disclose to third parties any data obtained during

the performance of the service, except to the sender, the

addressee or the organizations mentioned in paragraph 7. of this provision;.

e) may not disclose to third parties any data obtained during

the performance of the service, except to the sender, the

addressee or the organizations mentioned in paragraph 5. of this provision.

4. For the purposes of paragraph 3., point d) persons who have the same authorization as a customer and are identified by the client. With respect to points c) and e), these are also persons who are authorized by the customer to GLS Slovenia and can be given information on number of parcels, password and code for accessing the web application.

5. GLS Slovenia may open a closed parcel if:

a) the packaging of the parcel is damaged to such an extent that it is not possible to deliver the content of the parcel without prior re-packing

b) it justifies an action on the basis of the elimination of a hazard caused by the contents of the parcel;.

c) GLS Slovenia sells the contents of the parcel due to outstanding liabilities;

d) Closed parcels can be inspected only for the purpose of obtaining data and to the extent that is important for the effective delivery.

6. The opening of the parcel are regulated by GLS Slovenia rules, also minutes shall be kept of the procedures. The fact that the parcel has been opened must be indicated on the parcel. Likewise, it is necessary, if it is possible, to inform the sender about it and at the same time state the reasons for the opening of the parcel.

7. As a transport service provider must GLS Slovenia provide appropriate organizational and technical measures to protect parcel data confidentiality on the basis of the applicable rules GLS Slovenia is obliged to provide data on parcels to organizations that possess that right on the basis of the law and is also obligated by law to allow these organizations other interventions related to the parcels.

8. We made sure that every purchase at our website is completely safe. All confidential data transmitted over the internet (personal data, information on purchase and payment card numbers) are properly encrypted and can not be read by third parties.

Online center uses a 128-bit encryption key and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. The maximum security of transport is provided by the mechanisms used by banks, financial institutions and best online stores.

Authorizations and transactions with payment cards are carried out through the authorization bank's center, with which GLS Slovenia has concluded a contract for card payment. Card authorizations are executed in real time with immediate verification of data in the banking system. Card information is not stored on GLS Slovenia server.

To protect personal data, the user is also responsible to ensure the security of his username and password and the corresponding original software (with updated antivirus protection) of his/her computer.

Consumer Information Concerning Online Dispute Resolution (ODR): The European Commission has set up an online portal for resolving disputes between parties (ODR portal). This portal serves as a contact point for the out-of-court settlement of disputes between the parties, which relate to the obligations of online sales or services. Consumers can access the portal through the link: GLS Slovenia e-mail:

The use of GLS Mobile app is completely safe and in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia no. 94/07, Personal Data Protection Act1).

Definitions in General Terms and Conditions:

IOD – electronic or verbal information on parcel delivery status.

POD – written certification proving the parcel delivery (Proof Of Delivery)

Delivery note list – printout document that GLS use for the purpose of the parcel delivery on which the addressee confirms the acceptance of the parcel

Transport document – necessary form or label filled out by sender, and is necessary for the correct marking and smooth transport of parcels.

Scanner – is a device used for electronic recording of data on the parcel delivery

A Customer, A Sender – any contractual or non-contractual partner who uses and pays for GLS Slovenia services.

Force majeure – determined in paragraph 1. of an article 153. in Law of Obligation.

The General Terms and Conditions are valid from 18.05.2020

GLS Slovenia has published The General Terms and Conditions on the company's website The General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of any contract or contract offer between GLS and its costumers. The General Terms and Conditions will also constitute an inseparable part of any contracts they may be concluded.

Additional information on the use of services – detailed description of services, printed materials, forms, additional instructions for the correct completion of the forms and appropriately preparing parcels before dispatching – shall GLS Slovenia forward upon the request of the client in printed or electronic form. Instructions for appropriately preparing parcels are published on the company's website