Delivery, pick up and return of documents

GLS delivers domestic parcels, collects important signed documents, and returns them to the consignor.
How consignors can play it safe: GLS will obtain the recipient’s signature on all original documents required and return them to the sender within a short time frame, usually in 1-3 business days.

Immediate delivery and return of signed important documents
Confirmation from the recipient
Easy and fast processing

Under the commercial contracts concluded with legal persons based on individual negotiated offers, GLS offers the possibility of associating each type of service and the additional feature DocumentReturnService (Return of Documents). Special delivery documentation accompanies the shipment, and must be signed (confirmed) by the recipient and then returned to the sender, within 5 business days from the shipment delivery.

Exclusively for commercial contracts concluded with legal entities, GLS provides this service for national and international shipments. The service facilitates the movement of documents and specializes in the collection, transport and delivery of documents signed between companies.

The tariff for the second service is free of charge for the person from whom the postal consignment was picked up (sender). The service fee will be paid by the GLS contract client.

The service is expressly requested by the GLS contract client.

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The service can be combined with the following products:

The basic product for national supplies of goods.


Domestic deliveries, especially for small and fragile goods.


Delivery before noon the next working day to most areas in Romania.


The product for small and urgent national shipments.