How to wrap the contents of your parcel

It's important that you protect your items from vibrations and shocks on the journey from PakkeShoppen to your recipient.

Follow our step-by-step guide or watch our short video guides on proper packaging and your parcel is ready to be sent off safely and processed in our automated sorting facility.


1. Take care of your items

Wrap each item separately in corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap or newspaper. Make sure that any lids on items with liquid contents are screwed on tightly. Always put items with liquid contents in a plastic bag and tie a knot.

Use bubble wrap to protect fragile items. Use the original molded inner packaging for technical equipment or use at least three layers of bubble wrap for computers, etc.


2. Choose the right outer packaging materials

Hard content = Hard outer packaging

Always use a heavy-duty cardboard box when shipping a hard item. Choose a box that fits the contents (not too big, not too small). Avoid using a box that is worn or has become damp. The box should be able to withstand being stacked with other packages.

Soft content = soft outer packaging

If you are sending soft content, you can use a soft outer packaging such as a shipping bag. Ensure that the bag can be closed completely so the contents cannot fall out during transit.


3. Fill out all empty spaces of the box

Start by lining the bottom and sides of the box with plenty of bubble wrap or crumpled newspaper. Secure the contents of the package and fill all gaps between the contents and the outer packaging with a shock-absorbing material, such as packing paper or plenty of crumpled newspaper. Be aware that clothing and sheets are not sufficiently shock-absorbing.

Shake the package to ensure that the contents are firmly and securely in the package and do not bump into each other.


4. Close the parcel with clear or brown tape

Close the box with wide tape. If you have a label, place it on the largest surface. Be careful not to tape over the barcodes, as this makes it harder to scan your package.

NOTE: Only use clear or brown packing tape. Duct tape and painter's tape are not suitable as the parcel label will not stick to them.


5. Pay for the freight and send the parcel

It's easy to buy the shipping in the GLS app or at

Once the shipping has been ordered, you will receive a QR code in the app or by email, which you show when you drop off the parcel at your local ParcelShop. We will print the label for you and send the parcel off. Read more about how to send your parcel with GLS here .

Don't have our app? Make your life a little easier and download it here .

Watch our video guides on responsible packaging


Why is it important to pack your contents well?

It's important to protect your items from vibrations and shocks on the journey from PakkeShoppen to your recipient.
The parcel is stacked with other parcels in our distribution trucks, and in addition, it is machine sorted in our automated sorting facility.

Your parcel is securely packaged when each item is wrapped separately and there is protective and shock-absorbing material between the individual items and the outer packaging. The contents must lie firmly and securely in the package and must not bump into each other.

Items with liquid goods should always be placed in a plastic bag that is sealed before being wrapped in protective material.

Electronics should always be wrapped in a minimum of three layers of bubble wrap if you don't have the original molded inner packaging.

Use bubble wrap, packing paper or plenty of crumpled newspaper as inner packaging. The inner packaging should be shock-absorbent and all voids should be filled so that the contents cannot move.

You need a strong and stable cardboard box for hard content. Soft content can be sent in a fully sealable shipping bag.

Your package is insured for up to 4,500 DKK per package in the event of damage to your shipment. In order to receive compensation for a damaged parcel, it is a prerequisite that it is properly packaged. You can read more about parcel insurance in our terms and conditions.