Checklist before sending

This is how you know your package is ready to be sent quickly and safely to your recipient.

The parcel has 5-6 straight, unbroken surfaces

The package must have a regular shape so that it can be machine sorted at our sorting facility and stacked in the car.

Soft content can be sent in a shipping bag.

All openings are sealed with tape

Use only clear or brown packing tape and close all openings.

NOTE: Duct tape and painter's tape are not suitable as the packing label will not stick to them.

Items with liquid contents are packed in a plastic bag

Please ensure that all screw caps are securely closed before packaging.

In addition, goods with liquid contents should always be packed in a sealed plastic bag to protect against possible leakage of liquid.

The contents are firmly and securely in the package

Remember to shake the package to ensure that the contents are firmly and securely in the package and not bumping into each other.

If the contents move, use more shock-absorbing material such as packing paper or plenty of crumpled newspaper.

See our guide to safe and secure packaging here

Does your parcel meet our dimensional and weight requirements?

Minimum package size 10 x 15 x 1 cm

Max. size:
Max. 200 cm on longest side

Length + circumference must not exceed 300 cm*Max. weight 20 kg

*Find the size of the parcel by measuring the longest side of the parcel. Add the circumference of the parcel. (Circumference is measured as 2 x height + 2 x width).

In the event of an accident, please refer to our claims form at