Implementation for webshops

GLS offers e-commerce customers several options.
ShopFinder and Track & Trace can be integrated directly on websites and will provide important information about the customers parcel.

ParcelShop search

Webshop owners sould integrate a ParcelShop search function in their webshop. Recipients will be able to easily find and choose a suitable GLS ParcelShop for receiving the parcel and the webshop will experience great customer satisfaction.

If the consignee - for commercial reasons - cannot choose a ParcelShop for delivery, GLS recommends to use an option suitable for e.g. mass distribution.
In that case please contact IT Customer Support by phone 76 33 12 35.

Guide for implementation

Technical documentation.

ShopFinder integration

The option “GetParcelShopDropPoint” is recommended by GLS.

Text for the webshop

GLS has made a suggestion for text to be used in your webshop. Easy to use with a minimum of adjustment.

GLS Logo

Feel free to use the GLS logo and other graphical elements, when implementing GLS to your webshop.

Generating parcel labels as PDF or print

It is also possible to print labels in the program YourGLS. In that case orders shall be entered manually or uploaded.

Order file for InterLine

The GLS print program InterLine needs an order file to generate labels. You can find the description of the order file here.

YourGLS web API

Customers can also print labels via web API, that links to YourGLS. You can find the descriotion for the web API here.

Direct link for Track & Trace

Direct link for Track & Trace

As a webshop owner you can provide your customers with good guidance and service, while the parcel is on the way. Offer your customers a direct link to our Track & Trace in the notification to them.

For questions regarding the technical setup, please contact our IT Customer Support by phone 76 33 12 35.

With ShopDeliveryService GLS delivers the parcel directly to the chosen ParcelShop.

Detailed information