Operational status

GLS reports on this page, if there are delays or other dfficulties in delivering parcels.

Receive Operational status (in Danish) in your mailbox

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Experience the new GLS

At GLS, we don't just deliver parcels from A to B. We deliver the joy of expecting, memories and surprises.

We know, that it matters to you - and that is why, it matters to us.

Signature on the parcel

CoolUnite fundraising

GLS have donated 324.319 kr to CoolUnite, supporting sick and disadvantaged children in Denmark.

A big thanks to our customers and everyone else, who have supported the cause.

Temporary power of attorney

Capacity fee

Oil prices have a major impact on the costs of parcel distribution, resulting in GLS charging a fuel surcharge.

We also charge a capacity fee, to maintain our high quality and service in a time with increased demand for transportation and a lack of available work force.