Climate compensation

When you send and receive your parcel with us, we compensate for the CO2 emissions associated with the delivery. This is because we have chosen to offset the emissions that we cannot yet reduce. In collaboration with ClimatePartner, we invest in a number of projects that contribute to climate and environmental protection.

We carbon offset all deliveries within Europe's borders.

We take our entire business cycle into account when calculating our emissions. This includes everything from fuel production to actual use. Since our transport activities account for the largest share of our emissions, we pay particular attention to reliably accounting for our transport emissions. For this, we use the DIN EN 16258 standard.

All projects are recognized by the international certification standards Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and The Gold Standard.

See which projects we invest in as part of our carbon offset program

Projects supported by GLS Denmark

canoe madre de dios climate compensation

Forest protection in Madre de Dios, Peru

The Madre de Dios region is home to a large number of endangered animal and plant species, as well as several indigenous people - some of them disconnected from the outside world. But their treasured home is threatened by a road construction project across Brazil and Peru, combined with massive deforestation. This project protects an area of 100,000 hectares and helps locals maintain it in a sustainable way.


Projects supported by GLS Denmark

wind energy project india supported by GLS

Wind energy in Maliya, India

This project involves the construction and operation of a 40 MW wind turbine to generate electricity through wind power. As well as contributing to climate protection and increasing the share of renewable energy, the project contributes to sustainable development. The local population will be employed in the operation and maintenance of the facility, while the local economy will benefit from the improved power supply.

forest protection in brazil support by GLS

Forest protection Pacajá, Brazil

The 148,000-hectare project in the Brazilian Amazon helps prevent illegal logging in the rainforest. It promotes and supports local people in the use of sustainable forestry techniques. In addition, villagers are trained as monitors who work in patrol teams to ensure the monitoring of the project area.

Our partner


ClimatePartner supports companies in their climate action: with their combined software and consulting solution, they help calculate the carbon footprint of companies, services or products, set emission reduction targets, implement reductions and finance climate projects.

They develop high-quality, certified climate projects with their business unit ClimatePartner Impact. In addition to the positive impacts on the climate, the projects from the ClimatePartner portfolio bring additional benefits to local communities, guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The registration process for our portfolio of climate projects is certified every year by TÜV Austria, an international specialist in environmental issues.

ClimatePartner was founded in Munich in 2006. Today, it supports more than 6,000 companies from over 60 countries.

electric cars lined up at GLS Depot

The road to sustainable delivery

We are constantly working to minimize our impact. Read more about how we at GLS are working towards becoming a more climate-friendly parcel distributor.

Electric bicycles ready for delivery at GLS depot

Further sustainability initiatives

We believe that all initiatives towards more climate-friendly parcel delivery count. That's why we have compiled a number of the measures we have introduced.

woman walking in park to deliver parcel sustainably

Tips for sustainable delivery

Together we make the biggest difference to our environment. Find out more about how you can contribute to receiving and sending your parcels in a more environmentally friendly way.