GLS collects parcels from any address and brings them to the client. Collection time can also be specified.

The collection address does not have to be in Slovakia. Any address in the GLS network, whether in Slovakia or in Europe, can be selected to pick and return parcels.

Important information about service

The local carrier, the company Parcel Force, which serves for the purpose of successful processing of the service of delivery of a commercial invoice in English with a detailed description of the goods.

We ask you to pick up the customers to send us the number of the given transport on the day of entering the service into the GLS system, under which the package will be picked up and the invoice to the e-mail address info@gls-slovakia.sk, without this document it will not be possible to pick it up.

In the case of trading companies, it is essential that the invoice contains the EORI number of both sides - the exporter and the importer.

The goods are needed on the invoice, itemized, each line of the item should contain a description of the goods, customs tariff, country of origin of the goods, value and weight.

Goods of a private character (private parcels, gifts) it is not possible to pick up and negotiate through our company.

Please note that customs clearance is provided for us by an external customs declarant for a fee of € 25.00 excluding VAT. In addition to this fee, the customer of transport also bears import VAT and customs duties.


Pick-up order is set through available GLS program


Full costs control


Collection and return of delivery within whole Europe


Minimum effort when goods hand-over to courier


Picking-up on the next business day provided the order was sent before 16:00 pm.

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Compatible with the following products


Basic product for national parcel deliveries.


National deliveries of small and sensitive goods.


Basic product in deliveries throughout Europe.


Deliveries of mostly small and sensitive goods throughout Europe.