Your export to the UK is in safe hands with GLS!

GUIDELINES on parcels sent to the United Kingdom

Goods destined for export from the EU to the United Kingdom are subject to customs supervision and possible customs controls.

To ensure smooth transport, it is necessary to send to GLS Slovakia on the day the parcel is shipped:

- send to email electronic export document issued by the customs office and at the same time electronic invoice

- enter customs data via the Customs Portal web application (request access data at the email address , enter the contact email and ID number)

Our company does not currently offer a customs declaration service for exports, and each sender secures it at his own expense.

Please use the customs office and code of exit from the EU: DE003401 for the export document.

The goods invoice should meet the following requirements:

is translated into English language
is in an undefined sender and recipient

including contacts (e-mail, phone number)

contains the EORI number of the sender


must contain the EORI number of the consignee if it is a B2B shipment
if the value of the goods is ≤ 135 GBP (excluding VAT and shipping), it must contain the English tax number (GB VAT no.)

consignee or consignor (number assigned by the English tax office HMRC)

items of goods are detailed

(customs tariff, description of goods, country of origin of goods, number of pieces of the given item of goods, value of the item of goods without VAT including shipping, gross weight, net weight)

delivery condition (incoterms)

defines whether the customs duty, customs debt, VAT is borne by the consignor or the consignee

company stamp, signature
the specified parcel number

(to which the invoice belongs, so that documents can be easily paired)

Shipments - general information

Shipments that do not meet the above requirements will be returned to the sender immediately without the possibility of a refund of shipping costs.

Currently it is possible to send one parcel, or more parcels to one recipient. To ensure smooth processing, the goods invoice can contain a maximum of 30 HS codes (tariff numbers).

Your export to the UK is with GLS always safe.