Efficient exchange of goods

GLS delivers shipments and picks up in return other postal dispatches, which then delivers to the customer's premises or to another company indicated by the requester.
The service can be used, for example, for repairs: GLS delivers the replacement product, picks up the defective product and delivers it to the desired service address. Complaints management was simplified, both in electronic commerce and in retail. Quick replacement of products with quality claims can be managed.

Economic due to the delivery combined with the pick up
Parcel return form already included
Easy, straightforward handling for senders and their customers
Documentation of the exchange

GLS provides the ExchangeService for national shipments for those goods to be exchanged. In this situation, the tariff for the second service is free of charge for the person from whom the postal consignment was picked up (sender), the service fee being paid by the GLS contract customer.

We offer and provide this service exclusively in the case of commercial contracts concluded with legal persons. The service is expressly requested by the GLS contract client.

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