Price list international shipping

Overview of prices for international shipping

Reference categoryLarger side + smallest sideShipping costs
Area I
Shipping costs
Area II
Shipping costs
Area III
Shipping costs
Area IV
Shipping costs
Area V
XSmax. 35 cmRON 64.50RON 87.00RON 99.00RON 114.00RON 167.00
Smax. 50 cmRON 93.00RON 127.00RON 147.00RON 173.00RON 257.00
Mmax. 65 cmRON 145.00RON 160.50RON 187.50RON 219.00RON 349.00
Lmax. 80 cmRON 167.50RON 195.00RON 234.00RON 263.50RON 465.00
XLmax. 100cmRON 217.00RON 247.50RON 289.50RON 333.00RON 552.00

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