Services in parcel delivery abroad

GLS ships goods to all major European markets within a standard time of 72-96 hours. Delivery to neighboring countries like Slovenia or Hungary will be done within 24 to 48 hours.

GLS delivery on boat with cash on delivery service

GLS will collect from the recipient the amount indicated on the parcel address book and transfer it to the sender's account in the country of destination.

The service is available in Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Please check with our customer service for the maximum amount for each country.

Order GLS pickup online from the comfort of your home

After ordering the parcel, we will notify the recipient via e-mail of the expected delivery time. The second e-mail notification is received by the recipient after the parcel arrives at the destination and contains the delivery time and day. All email notifications include links to the website where the recipient may change the delivery location.

The service is available for the following countries: Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, Austria, Poland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, France, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece, Ireland, United Kingdom,Switzerland and Sweden.

Fix Date1*1*1*2*
Deposit Permission1*1*
New Address
Delivery to ParcelShop3*
Delivery to Depot2*
Delivery to ParcelLocker
Evening Delivery*
Saturday Delivery*

1*- Available after 1st delivery attempt failed

2*-Available for parcels betw. 21-40kg

3*-Available for parcels betw. 1-20kg

Option is available depending on parcel weight.