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During packing, it is important to think about the type of transportation you have chosen. International Express delivery standards are stricter than other modes of transport, such as containerized or palletized, with respect to multiple handling (loading and unloading) and an automated conveyor / roller sorting system. Therefore, quality and adequate packaging in relation to the type of transport is crucial when it comes to preventing damage. Matching packaging to the size and weight of items is the first step to cheaper and more efficient delivery of parcels quickly.

Good packaging is able to eliminate shocks and vibrations, ensuring that shipments reach their destination undamaged

The packaging material provides the best protection if it is appropriate to the weight and product type is therefore crucial to protecting your parcel choosing the right material

The sender is obliged to pack the parcel in such a way as to protect its contents, other parcels and the workers handling the parcel

The packaging must ensure the contents of the parcel in such a way that no one can access the contents without damaging the parcel

 Multiple parcels with only one parcel label bind together


Only fully enclosed parcels may be handed over to GLS. That protect parcel contents, prevent damage to or impairment of the contents, protect other parcels and workers while handling the parcels. Parcels from which long and/or sharp parts portrude are not suitable for transport. Individual parcels may not be interconnected, as they may disintegrate and only the parcel with parcel label will arrive at the destination.

 Inner packaging intended to protect the goods must be adapted to the type of product.

Internal packaging

The contents of the parcel, especially jars and bottles, must be separated by a protective layer thick enough to prevent damage (eg, five-layer cardboard, styrofoam lining, bubble wrap). Please place a protective layer both on the top, bottom and on the edge, angle and sides of the parcel. Returned items for telecommunications and other technical goods should be shipped in the original box with appropriate internal filling.

 Empty space in the parcel must be filled with a suitable filling.


Proper packaging, in any case, applies to both the outer and inner packaging, where in the outer adequate packaging is a five-layer carton resistant to moisture or identical material that retains the shape of the parcel. As the parcels stack up against one another, the packaging must be strong so that it can withstand pressure proportional to its own fivefold weight. Please do not leave empty space in the parcels, fill it with a suitable filling.

Packaging tips

Dangerous goods cannot be sent even if they are marked with the outer mark of the dangerous dress. If it is produced that does not tolerate ADR, packed in packaging bearing ADR-related labels, GLS will be labeled for the rest of the parcel, excluding parcels from transportation, and notify you of the location where it may be found.

GLS Croatia will, with parcels that have an inscription, mark or sticker, indicating breach of the contents or the careful manipulation of the parcel (e.g. "breakable", "this side up", "glass", "do not rotate", the cup mark indicating fragile content, arrow marking the position of the parcel during transport, etc.), handle with extreme caution. The use of the label "fragile" does not relieve the Sender of the obligation to use internal and external packaging that is appropriate to the type of goods, therefore GLS Croatia does not assume responsibility for inadequately packed parcels regardless of the label "fragile". The fee for manipulating such parcels is charged per parcel according to the valid price list.

The GLS driver does not check their addressing when downloading parcels, and may refuse
downloading obviously inappropriate (overweight, oversized, inadequately packed) parcels. The fact that GLS Croatia has taken over the parcel does not mean that the sender has packed the parcel in accordance with the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions. GLS Croatia, with the prior consent of the Principal and with the prior acceptance of the costs, will charge for repackaging of parcels unsuitable for further manipulation, but if the repackaging is not necessary, the parcels will be directed to delivery.
The fee for manipulating such parcels is charged per parcel according to the valid price list

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