Driver at GLS

If you would like a job as a driver for GLS, you need to have a distinct service gene and a high level of activity.

You will meet both the private consumer, the business owner of the small business, employees at stores who focus on serving their own customers and the warehouse employees in the very large companies - and you must be able to service them all.

There are many details to keep track of during the day and new ones are added on an ongoing basis, so you need the ability to keep a cool head, even when things are going fast, which is why overview and the ability to organize are important qualities.

Of course, you have the necessary driver training for a vehicle.

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GLS Parcel distribution

As a GLS driver in parcel distribution, you drive the same route every day.

It ensures the best service, as you will quickly get to know 'your own area' and the special agreements that make everyday life cohesive.

GLS Express

This part of GLS offers both regular trips to its customers and delivery from A to B. This means for you as a driver that the days vary greatly in pace and duration.

You have daily contact with our managers, who book the trips directly with you.

Distribution Partner / subcontractor at GLS

At GLS we consider and call our subcontractors Distribution Partners. In close coorperation with our Dispatchers, you ensure that your drivers thrive and provide the best service to GLS' customers and recipients.

GLS helps you to ensure that the routes are composed in the most optimal way - both for the benefit of the environment, your finances and your drivers' time and finances. Good route planning requires in-depth knowledge of your area, which is why it is essential that you as a Distribution Partner are able to service all of your routes yourself.

The conditions for starting a cooperation are:

  • Driver permits for all your vehicles
  • Driver training for vehicles
  • A presentable vehicle fleet consisting of closed vans - minimum Euronorm 5
  • Installation of a safety system in all vehicles

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GLS Parcel distribution

As a Distribution Partner in parcel distribution, you will be in our depot on a daily basis.

Your drivers drive the same route every day - starting with deliveries and ending with pick ups - perhaps with a change of driver during the day to ensure a shorter working day.

It is important that you have knowledge of the areas and the special agreements that make everyday life cohesive.

GLS Express

This part of GLS offers both regular trips and delivery from A to B with a difference in the settlement of the two types.

With contact directly to your drivers via phone, GLS handles the disposition of the trips that your drivers drive.