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GLS offers reliable national and international shipping solutions. Its core market is Europe. In Denmark, the company is one of the leading parcel carriers. GLS has a range of services for business customers and occasional senders.
  • Nationwide networks
  • Defined delivery times
  • Continuous shipment tracking
  • ThinkGreen environmental programme
  • Fair price-performance ratio

Release authorisation

If desired, GLS leaves parcels at an agreed location. Issuing a release authorisation is easy.

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Dispatch with GLS is comfortable and secure – for large-scale shippers, companies with small volumes, or private persons.

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GLS – Europe’s parcel carrier

GLS offers pan-European parcel transport, express delivery and logistics solutions. Founded in 1999, with strong roots in the national markets, GLS is now one of the leading parcel carriers in Europe. Parcel transport with GLS means that all goods reach their destination securely and reliably.

Via its subsidiaries and partner companies GLS provides reliable parcel transport in 37 European countries. In many countries it also offers express delivery and logistical value-added services.

“Quality leader in European parcel logistics” is the guiding principle of GLS. Quality for the parcel carrier means: high reliability and delivery performance, low damage and loss ratios, and short delivery times for GLS parcels. The national delivery time for parcel transport in most countries is less than 24 hours. International delivery times are between 24 to 96 hours; European business centres are generally serviced within 48 hours.

As a parcel service provider, GLS has a strong, road-based European parcel network with dense national networks. Precisely-coordinated transports link distribution centres, while modern technology enables rapid and reliable consignment sorting. The parcel carrier works with standardised processes. The key element in the parcel service of GLS is a harmonised IT system, which allows all GLS companies to easily exchange information.

Security is also enhanced by the use of state-of-the-art technology. Alarm systems and video surveillance are installed in all the major hubs and depots to monitor and record all the parcels. Each parcel is marked with an individual number that is recorded electronically at every important interface during parcel transport. The scanned data is used for the IT-based processing and monitoring of the approx. 380 million parcels delivered annually by the GLS parcel service. Senders can see at any time where a GLS parcel is located.

GLS has a uniform, pan-European basic parcel product for national and international delivery that is supplemented with country-specific services.