General Terms

The cooperation with GLS is based on oru General Terms. You can find them here.

Cooperation with GLS

Get valuable information to use for our cooperation - here you will find, for example, our current fuel surcharge, implementation for weshops and other important information.

Send parcels as a private

When you, as a private person or a small business, have to send parcels, our ParcelShop concept is the optimal solution.

What is the price for sending a parcel?

What is the price for sending a parcel?

When you need to send a parcel from our ParcelShops, you have to pay the freight in the ParcelShop. Here you can get an overview of the prices.

emballing gls parcels

How should it be packed and how is it insured?

It is important that you pack your parcel properly - especially it the content is hard and can break. You can read our guide and our General Terms here.