With GLS, recipients can pay their cash on delivery parcels via debit or credit card.

Easy and convenient: the delivery driver offers the recipient the possibility to pay the due amount by card. The only basic requirement is to book the service in addition to the CashService.

When using this payment method, the COD amount is usually credited to the senders account within two working days.

The service can easily be booked using GLS Connect or GLS Online. For consignors sending a high amount of CashService parcels the BankCardService can be automatically activated for all COD parcels via the GLS sales service.

The service is available only in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Croatia.


Additional payment option for recipients


Payment through POS terminal


Reliable and prompt cash transfer to your account


Receipts for recipients

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Compatible with the following products


Basic product for national parcel deliveries.


National deliveries of small and sensitive goods.


Basic product in deliveries throughout Europe.



Deliveries of mostly small and sensitive goods throughout Europe.


Delivery before noon of next business day in most regions of Slovakia.


Product for small and urgent national parcels.