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GLS offers companies - from small to large and from all sectors - reliable parcel, freight and express solutions, nationally and internationally, both B2B and B2C. GLS has the right shipping solution for your company, your shipments and your customers.

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Multiple IT solutions

Optimally connected: nowadays, a data management system must be fast, reliable and integrated. GLS customers have sophisticated and standardised, yet flexible IT solutions available for every need and for any number of parcels or freight shipments.

LabelLite Online

LabelLite Online

Online shipping of parcels, express and freight
With LabelLite Online, your parcel, express or freight shipment is quick and easy to ship. As a user, you can log on to the website, so you don't need any extra software.

Ideal for companies that:
• Send parcels or freight occasionally or;
• Regularly send up to 20 shipments a day.

GLS delivery driver in the warehouse of a client

LabelLite Desktop

Parcel, express and freight shipping management

Full preparation for shipment can be done with the shipping software LabelLite. You can send parcel, express and freight orders directly to GLS and book additional services for your shipments. You can also use LabelLite to create shipping labels, including the 2D barcode. All shipping data can then be sent to the GLS system at the touch of a button.

Ideal for companies that:
• Regularly send up to 500 shipments per day.



Link the functionalities of GLS to your systems

The GLS API (Application Programming Interface) is a free shipping solution that allows you to link the functionality of GLS to your own systems. This implementation offers many advantages. For example, you can print labels and automatically forward all shipping data to GLS. The GLS API eliminates the need to install external software and is suitable for any company, regardless of the system and shipping volume.

Ideal for companies that:
• Want to (further) automate processes;
• Do not want external software.

LabelLite OnlineLabelLite DesktopGLS API
Laser and thermal printing
Printing parcel and freight labels
Track your shipment online
Import customer and/or shipment files
Track & Trace with own references
Send notice or FlexDelivery mails
No installation or implementation required

Shipping costs

Exact shipping costs depend on your wishes and needs. Based on your shipping profile, GLS will send you a customised quote for the products and services that meet your requirements. GLS's shipping costs are based on different criteria. For a correct determination of the shipping costs for both parcel and freight shipping, the shipping structure and shipping profiles are important factors. The GLS advisers determine the best combination of products and services for you, in consultation with you. In this way, your personal needs are met.

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