Become a GLS Parcel Shop

As a Parcel Shop owner for GLS, you offer a high-quality parcel service as part of your shop. With GLS, you can expand your customer base and tap into an additional source of income. If your company is easily accessible and has customer-friendly opening hours, you can start almost immediately.
Register today and let GLS help you expand your services.

New customers
Additional source of income
Expansion of services
Greater customer loyalty

Running your Parcel Shop

  • You advise your customers on all matters concerning parcel shipments.
  • You accept parcels from senders.
  • You accept parcels for recipients who were not at home and store them so that they can be picked up.
  • You accept parcels that recipients want to return to the sender.

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The Parcel Shop owner app

The Parcel Shop owner app

All Parcel Shop owners are equipped with a smartphone by GLS. The new Parcel Shop app is already installed on those. The app helps you in your daily work and in contacting your customers. For example, you can use the Track & Trace function or have the recipient sign for receipt of the parcel. In addition, several other practical functions are available or planned.