The wrong size, colour or fit? There are several reasons to return a parcel to the sender.
Many senders have made returning a parcel very easy by using the ShopReturnService. This means that there is already a return label in the sent parcel so that it can be returned if necessary. However, the return label can also be sent later by e-mail if indicated by the sender. If the recipient has no printer available, the parcel can also be manually provided with the return address with a special GLS return code.
Just return the parcel to any GLS Parcel Shop and GLS will take care of the rest!

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The ShopReturn label

The ShopReturnService

With the ShopReturnService, a return label is delivered with the parcel or the recipient receives a link to create and print the return label online. To return goods, the recipient simply has to stick the label on the parcel.

Returns without return label

Returns without return label

Even without a return label, a parcel can be returned via a GLS Parcel Shop but then the rates of the Parcel Shop apply. In that case, it is important that the return receipt is kept.