Our door-to-door service is available to private individuals and non-contract customers.

You can choose! How would you like to send your parcel?

Parcel collection at the address

GLS door to door service

  • It is convenient, because the courier comes to your house.
  • Delivery even on the working day after the dispatch of the parcel.
  • If an order is placed before 10 p.m., the parcel can be picked up the next working day.

Parcel dispatch at Parcel Shop

GLS Parcel Shop

  • Easy
  • Convenient
  • Without standing in line
  • More than 1.000 GLS Parcel Shops

Parcel dispatch at Parcel Locker

GLS Parcel Locker

  • The vast majority of them are available 0-24 hours
  • In frequented places
  • In more than 700 locations nationwide