General Terms and Conditions of the GLS Hungary

General Terms and Conditions to Postal service

General Business Conditions Applicable from 08.04.2024
Annex no 1/a fee for parcels sent in Parcel Shops Applicable from 01.09.2022
Annex no. 1/b: Service fees applicable to services ordered through the platform Applicable from 13.09.2023
Annex no. 1/c Services fees and other charges
Annex no. 2 Available basic and additional services
Annex no. 4 Withdrawal/cancellation statement (applicable only to services ordered on the site)
Annex no 5 In the case of a withdrawal/cancellation declaration for a service ordered on the site, the service fees to be refunded by the Service Provider (applicable from 15.02.2023)
Annex no 6: Minimum content elements of the Customer Portal to be developed by the Customer for LockerReturnService
Appendix 1. Excluded objects and conditionally acceptable objects and their conditions of delivery

Terms and conditions to GLS XXL service

General Business Conditions Applicable from 01.12.2023
Complaint Handling Notice