Organize all the steps online, including payment and label printing.

Measure the parcel
Step 2

Measure the dimensions of the parcel - length, width, height.

Select the amount of cash on delivery
Step 3

If you wish, you can set the amount of cash on delivery to be collected when delivering the parcel.

Label printing service
Step 4

For customers who do not have the ability to print a label, GLS offers to do it on their behalf

Completion and payment
Step 5

Pay online with your credit card or online banking.


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Price list of services for domestic and international delivery

from 01.09.2017. for ParcelShop partners and

Price depends on the dimensions of the parcel.
How to find out the size? Very simple: add up the longest and shortest page.

Additional services and fees Zones and transit times

Domestic parcel delivery

Parcel sizeLongest + shortest sideTransport price [HRK]
XSmax. 35 cm39,00
Smax. 50 cm49,00
Mmax. 65 cm59,00
Lmax. 80 cm69,00
XLmax. dimension79,00

All prices include VAT. See the price list of additional services and fees, <here>

GLS Croatia transports parcels with a maximum weight of up to 40 kg and a maximum circular volume of up to 300 cm (max. 3m = 2x height + 2x width + 1x length)

The price for a parcel depends on the size of the parcel. Calculate the parcel size by summing the longest and shortest side.

Parcel delivery abroad

Parcel dimension1st zone2nd zone3d zone4th zone5th zone

All prices include VAT

GLS Croatia transports parcels with a maximum weight of up to 40 kg and a maximum circular volume of up to 300 cm (max. 3m = 2x height + 2x width + 1x length)

The price for a parcel depends on the size of the parcel. Calculate the parcel size by summing the longest and shortest side.

Countries belonging to certain zones and transit times can be found <here>

Please note:

Considering the current situation in Europe and regulations regarding social distance during the COVID-19 pandemic, GLS Group countries have made a decision about reduction of maximum weight in international transport to 31,5kg. Please adjust your parcel weight towards European destinations accordingly. In case that parcel overcomes specified weight, please repack it to suitable weight.

Any parcels above specified weight that arrive at our central HUB will be returned to sender address.

Additional services and fees

Name of service / feeFee [HRK]Availability
Flexible deliveryfree of chargeDomestic traffic and abroad
Cash on delivery (COD)8,00Domestic traffic
Declared parcel value (DPV)5,00Domestic traffic
Delivery for the 2nd delivery zone in domestic transport50,00Domestic traffic
Red Cross1,55Domestic traffic
Address label printing service for users of the www.paket.hr3,00Domestic traffic and abroad

All prices include VAT.

More details about services/ fees:

Flex Delivery Service
Ordering parcels

The service contains an SMS and / or e-mail notification to the recipient about the time of delivery of the parcel, delivery address and any amount of cash on delivery. Another e-mail or SMS message arrives in the morning on the day of delivery and contains a 3-hour delivery time interval. In the event of a failed delivery attempt, the recipient receives a notification and can choose one of the following options:

  • delivery to a new address
  • delivery at another time
  • personal collection at GLS regional warehouse
  • giving consent for the parcel to be left at the agreed location
  • delivery to ParcelShop
  • parcel deduction

For parcels in international traffic in the prices of services is included only to notify emails.

Cash on delivery (COD)

The calculation and transfer of cash on delivery is done at least twice a week, to the sender's account specified when creating a parcel label on or on a special form when handing over the package in the PaketShop store.

GLS takes covers the costs of transfer within Croatia. Surcharge for the service is also calculated in case of unsuccessful delivery. The service can only be used in domestic transport.

* Any cash handling service offered to the sender of a cash-on-delivery package is offered on the basis of and provided that GLS Croatia will only act as an intermediary for the sender's cash collection. GLS Croatia does not have the authority to bind the sender or create a contract with the recipient of the parcel package on behalf of the sender. The sender will perform the obligations arising from the prevention of money laundering, which are based on applicable laws and / or regulations.

Declared parcel value (DPV)

Parcels sent in the territory of the Republic of Croatia below the Neum Corridor (Dubrovnik, Pelješac, Korčula, etc.) are delivered by GLS Croatia by road through the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The sender is obliged to accurately and truthfully declare the value and type of dress provided the contents of the parcel in accordance with applicable regulations. Based on the Consignor's declaration, GLS Croatia prepares customs forms that are necessary for the export of parcels through the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The fee for the administration of these parcels (DPV) is paid per parcel for all parcels sent to the area.

List of ZIP codes for which DPV fee applies

Delivery for the 2nd delivery zone in domestic transport

Parcels outside the delivery area in domestic distribution (islands not included in the delivery timetable for the islands of GLS Croatia) GLS Croatia delivers through a contractual partner. These parcels are not subject to the limits of mass and dimensions of GLS Croatia, additional services, as well as services with a time guarantee. Transport fee for these parcels is charged per parcel.

Restrictions related to packages outside the delivery area are:

  • maximum weight: 20kg
  • maximum length: 1.5
  • maximum circular volume: 3m
  • transit time: 48 - 168h
  • activation of an additional service for these packages is not possible
* GLS couriers deliver to following islands: Krk, Cres, Lošinj, Rab, Murter, Korčula, Vir, Pag, Hvar, Brač, Vis, Pašman and Ugljan with our own vehicles.

List of ZIP codes for National zone 2

Red Cross

In accordance with the Croatian Red Cross Act, the Croatian Red Cross (HCK) organizes humanitarian weeks every calendar year in order to promote its activities.

In these periods, GLS Croatia charges the amount of the surcharge stamp in favor of HCK for each parcel submitted in accordance with the Red Cross Law, Article 33. on all postal items in domestic traffic, except newspapers and magazines, the amount of 50% of the nominal value of the first rate of mass of the letter according to the price list of services of the public operator.

Address label printing service

For customers who do not have the ability to print a label, GLS offers to do it on their behalf.

The service can be contacted exclusively through the website

Zones and transit times

ZoneTransit times [working days]
1st zoneSlovenia, Hungary (1-2), Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic (3-4)
2nd zonePoland, Germany (3-4), Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg (4-5)
3d zoneRomania (3-4), Italy (3-5), Bulgaria, Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland (5-6)
4th zoneLithuania, Latvia, Estonia (4-5), Sweden (4-6), Greece, Finland (6-7), France (5-6)
5th zoneSpain, Portugal, Malta, Cyprus – European part (5-6)

The data in the table is for informations only. GLS Croatia takes over export parcels only for the listed countries.

Adequate inner packaging is crucial for preventing damage

Packaging tips

Quality and adequate packaging in relation to the type of transport is crucial when it comes to preventing damage. Matching packaging to the size and weight of items is the first step to cheaper and more efficient delivery of packages quickly.

GLS courier on parcel delivery

Facts and figures

GLS, with its national companies and partners, covers 41 European countries and eight American countries and is affiliated with all major business centers in the world. Quality parcel delivery is our top priority - over 270,000 customers rely on us.

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