GLS FlexDelivery

Just as you like it.

Everyone has their favorite way of delivery. That's why we have FlexDeliveryService for you. If you want to receive your delivery at your home, at work or at another address, your parcel will find you there. If you change your mind in the meantime, no problem - our DeliveryManager allows you to:

  • select another location or delivery time,
  • redirect parcel to GLS Parcel Locker where you can collect your parcel 24 hours a day,
  • delivery to one of the many Parcel Shop locations of your choice

Our couriers are known for their kindness and availability. You can contact them by phone on the day of delivery, so there is no problem even if you need a last minute change. There is no real reason to choose another delivery because GLS Flex Delivery is the way you like it.

GLS Parcel Locker receiving

GLS Parcel Locker