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The GLS Group keeps pace with changing conditions and is aware of its corporate responsibility. The goal of all activities is to achieve sustainable commercial success while respecting environmental impacts.


GLS has implemented a program across the Group that systematically and structurally identifies and avoids compliance risks. It was developed to protect the GLS Group and its employees and to protect collaboration with business partners now and in the future.

Code of Business Standard cover

Code of Business Standards

The Code of Business Standards forms the basis of all business activities of the GLS Group. Furthermore it shows the obligation of the GLS Group towards its stakeholders.

Supplier Code of Conduct cover

Supplier Code of Conduct

GLS expects its suppliers to respect the standards laid out in this Supplier Code of Conduct, implement them using appropriate measures and adhere to them in their business activities.

Ombudsman (Whistleblowers)

GLS Group has implemented an Alert Whistleblower / Ombudsman system to enable its employees, business partners and third parties to contact, in confidence, official bodies in case they are, for whatever reason, concerned about committing criminal offenses or serious offenses.

All such notices or complaints will be treated as confidential material and Dr. Buchert is bound by the confidentiality of the information by his statutory obligation under which he is not permitted to disclose the identity of the persons who addressed him without their express consent. He is also entitled to refuse to give evidence or to present evidence (including the identity of the persons who addressed him) if requested to do so by the Court. Complaints submitted to the Ombudsman will be forwarded to the GLS Group only if the complainant's consent has been obtained.

If you would like to make a report using our whistleblower line directly to your supervisor or you can contact the GLS Ombudsman directly.

Dr. Rainer Buchert
Dr. Rainer Buchert


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Compliance officer
Compliance officer

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The GLS Group covers 40 countries and is globally connected via contractual agreements. The Group also operates through wholly owned subsidiaries in Canada and on the West Coast of the USA.

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