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Discover parcel logistics in sound and vision.

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GLS Denmark film

The GLS Denmark film

Quality leader in parcel services – reliable and flexible. GLS Denmark offers business customers bespoke logistics solutions and has the largest parcel distribution network with personal service for private individuals in the country. The GLS Denmark film shows how we are always close to our customers.

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GLS Group film

The GLS Corporate film

Each day GLS delivers over 1.5 million parcels across Europe. State-of-the-art technology and dedicated employees together characterise the process. Dynamic images convey the message “We deliver – don’t worry!”, providing a visual experience of what reliable parcel shipment with GLS means.

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Your parcel misses you ... - The film

Our current campaign shows you the world from a parcel's point of view. This campaign has been launched in the week before Black Friday, the busiest day of the year for GLS distributing thousands of parcels. It is an action taken in order to motivate you as a parcel recipient to pick up your parcel a little bit faster. So there will be space for other parcels – on their way to other happy recipients.

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GLS Song

The GLS song

Linking Europe by parcel, with uniform products and uniform high-quality throughout the continent. In the GLS song this is the keynote.



GLS Logo negative RGB

GLS logo (negative)

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GLS Logo positive RGB Clearspace

GLS logo (positive)

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