Delivery to privates

It is important to keep your customer type in mind, when choosing delivery type. For private recipients we have several options.

Delivery to ParcelShop

GLS delivers most parcels to private recipients in Denmark via our ParcelShops. Searching for the right GLS ParcelShop becomes an integrated part of the ordering process in your webshop.

When the parcel is ready for your customer to pick up in the ParcelShop, GLS will send a notification with the necessary information to your customer. It is therefore important that you ensure the transfer of both mail address and mobile number to us on all your parcels.

Parcels for ParcelShops may weigh maximum 20 kg and must stay within our minimum and maximum dimensions for parcels.

Delivery at home

If you want to offer your customers delivery to the home address, GLS can help you with that too. We typically deliver the parcels at the address between 7.00 am and 4.00 pm, so if you want a receipt on delivery, the customer must be available for parcel delivery.

If your customer is not available to receive the parcel, you can send it with delivery without receipt. In that case, we will place the parcel at the agreed location without receipt. Please note that this form of delivery is not suitable for storey properties.

If we do not meet anyone at the address, we will either take the parcel to a ParcelShop for your pick up or return it to our depot. In both cases, we inform your customer about this.

Parcels to be delivered at the home address may weigh maximum 30 kg and must stay within our minimum and maximum parcel sizes

Return from privates

You can make it easy for your recipient to return unwanted items to you. By offering a return solution where they send the parcel back via our more than 1,650 ParcelShops, you help them with an easy and fair priced return solution. At the same time, you can manage your return flow and thus your inventory more optimally.

The solution works in several ways. You can enclose a printed return label in the parcels or you can send a return label as a pdf at the request of your customer.

delivery parcelshop gls at home homedelivery

Offer for business customers

If you find the above suitable for your business, please contact us to get an offer.

We need some information from you to calculate the optimal price and therefore ask you to fill out the form you find here.