Which advice can I give a customer when preparing a parcel?

Safely packed = safely delivered

Parcels should be conform to the type, weight and robustness of the item being sent.

  • Outer packing
Goods packed in cardboard boxes made of high-quality, moisture-resistant, double-wall cardboard are generally well protected. Corner, surface and edge protection are especially important. New boxes are best; used boxes are only suitable for resistant goods. The heavier the contents, the more stable the outer packing needs to be.

  • Internal padding
Any empty space inside a box should be filled with padding. Goods should not be allowed to move around. The padding material used should be compatible with the goods being sent; precise-fit polystyrene molds should be used for heavy and sensitive goods. No direct contact should be possible between goods and the outer packing.

  • Sealing
The parcel should be wrapped with adhesive tape and well sealed on all sides. The heavier or larger the parcel, the stronger the adhesive tape needs to be. Robust sealing is essential for secure transport.

  • Attaching the parcel label

Completely fill in the parcel label with the consignor's and recipient's address. This label should be attached to the largest side of the parcel. Old stickers should be removed. Parcels should not be bundled together but sent individually instead.

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Parcel label

The parcel labels used to identify the parcels are provided in the GLS Parcel Shops. Each parcel label displays a unique identification number, which can be used to track the goods after sending. Always stick the parcel label to the largest surface of the parcel. Remove all old labels before sending, leaving only the valid address.

  • Important information on the parcel label
The recipient’s name and precise address, with postal code, and where possible the mobile phone number of the recipient and the sender.

  • Several parcels to the same address
Please do not glue or strap several boxes together, because they could fall apart, in which case only the parcel identified with a label will reach its destination.

Size limit

The firth of the parcel may not exceed 3 metres.
Girth = 2x height + 2x width + the longest side.

Goods with a maximum length of 2 metres may be sent.

  • Length: min. 10 cm – max. 200 cm
  • Height: min. 15 cm – max. 60 cm
  • Width: min. 5 cm – max. 80 cm
We will not accept parcels for shipment if the goods could be damaged, or if they endanger the safe handling of other parcels. These include goods that are packaged unsatisfactorily and/or in a manner unsuitable for trade. The detailed list can be found in our Terms and conditions.

Weight limit

For all deliveries with GLS the maximum weight is 31,5 kg.

With the help of the online rate calculator, customers can find out easily the size of the parcel they can dispatch and the delivery price. These rates apply to parcels dispatched through GLS Parcel Shops.

We will not accept parcels for shipment if the goods are too heavy. The detailed list of prohibited goods can be found in our Terms and conditions.

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How to pack a parcel correctly

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Yes, definitely!

GLS publishes those details as part of the online Parcel Shop search engine on this very website. This means parcel senders and consignees can always find out when your shop and its Parcel Shop is open.

Information about holidays is particularly important. A few days before the holiday, delivery drivers will stop bringing parcels to your Parcel Shop so that recipients are still able to collect their parcels before your holiday starts.

To change opening hours or inform about your holidays, just send a mail to your dedicated contact person at GLS.

We would be delighted to offer support and advice on any promotional activities, e.g. email campaigns, direct mailing, ad placement, online advertising etc.

Do get aproval from GLS Belgium for the desired activity first by sending your idea or request to your dedicated contact person.

Advertising your GLS ParcelShop
Technical equipment and dcuments

Every new Parcel Shop receives – free of charge – modern technical equipment and a GLS advertising pack.

This includes information material such as flyers, price lists, Terms&Conditions, a weatherproof banner and stickers to ensure the GLS Parcel Shop is clearly visible both inside and outside.

Additional GLS promotional material can be provided by requesting your dedicated contact person a consultation.

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