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For the people of today and tomorrow

GLS van on a Hungary road

GLS employs people of different ethnic backgrounds, religions or beliefs. Respect, honour and understanding - these are the most important principles of the Group.

GLS works closely with subcontractors and couriers, who play a substantial role in parcel delivery. GLS's core strategy is long-term development and the company implements developments in all business areas as part of this strategy.

GLS Eco footprint

Emission-free urban logistics

New urban depot for a “greener” city: GLS Hungary uses bicycles, electric tricycles and electric vans for parcel deliveries in downtown Budapest.

In 2015, GLS opened a new depot together with the Hajtás Pajtás bicycle courier company. Bicycle couriers leave from here to downtown Budapest, thus parcels are delivered to individuals and companies without any pollutants being emitted.

Three ways leading to our goal

Parcels of various sizes are delivered with cargo bikes (50-100 kg) and electric powered tricycles (100-250 kg). The great advantage of bikes is that they can travel more flexibly on busy downtown roads than traditional trucks and couriers can access areas blocked to car traffic.

Larger and heavier shipments are delivered with a Nissan zero-emission electric truck. At present, the use of an electric car in Hungarian parcel logistics is unprecedented. The car is 100% environmentally friendly and can cover up to 170 km with a single charge.

Think green, act locally

Sustainability is one of the key principles of the GLS Group, and therefore it is constantly reducing consumption and emissions. GLS also uses cargo bikes and electric tricycles in Italy and Belgium.

GLS is building a sustainable future in Nyíregyháza

GLS is committed to the environment and reducing emissions, thus the fleet was expanded with the electric vehicles in Nyíregyháza.

Eco footprint

GLS continuously monitors and records its achievements in environment protection. Since 2008/2009, the company has been conducting eco-footprint calculations for all member companies of the Group, as part of which it collects data on carbon emissions, the use of natural resources and waste management. GLS publishes emissions data in its current environmental report. The method used to calculate the emissions corresponds to that described in the ISO 14064-1 standard and it has also been laid down in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. GLS calculates its carbon footprint based on the results of the eco-footprint calculation.

The Tree of Loyalty 2019

The Tree of Loyalty 2019

The business site in Alsónémedi is expanding and becoming ever more pleasing to the eye. Besides the construction works, the annual tree planting campaign was also organised. In March, another 29 trees were planted with the help of invited customers. Copper plates were placed at the foot of the trees indicating the name of the planting partner. The company has organised the planting of nearly 300 trees over the past 10 years.

GLS donated a defibrillator life-saving equipment

Defibrillator donation

In May 2019, GLS donated a defibrillator life-saving equipment to the Municipality of Alsónémedi in the name of social responsibility.

Emission-free urban logistics

Volunteer work

The GLS Quality team joined forces with the D30 depot to renovate the courtyard of the Csicsergő Kindergarten in Sülysáp in their spare time. The concrete wall of the kindergarten was painted in bright colours and a jumping-school decorated with charming patterns was set up in the courtyard for the children. Colleagues were not alarmed by the sudden rain, they quickly covered the half-finished works and waited for the sun to shine again, then finished painting the colourful motifs to the children's delight.

The GLS Sales team did volunteer work at the Napsugár Kindergarten in Délegyháza. Four children's restrooms were painted and cleaned after the painting work was finished. They also painted the posts and beams on the terraces. They disinfected and washed the toys that children play with in the courtyard and the sandpit, and assembled the tables in the new group rooms and the toy storage boxes. Enthusiastic colleagues painted animal figures and nursery signs in the courtyard and the stairs.

GLS Hungary helped deliver more than 8,000 parcels last year as part of the SegítsVelem

Smiley Hobgoblin PontVelem

GLS Hungary helped deliver more than 8,000 parcels last year as part of the SegítsVelem (HelpWithMe) Christmas gift collection campaign, and the company is pleased to continue this contribution this year together with the PontVelem Smart Programme and the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta. Elementary school students collect and gift wrap their old books and toys that are still in a good condition, which GLS couriers deliver to the regional centres of the Charity Service of the Order of Malta. People who work there hand over the surprise Christmas gifts to children in need.

GLS employees organize Charity Baking Fairs

Charity Baking Fair

Each year, GLS employees organize Charity Baking Fairs on several occasions during the pre-Christmas period, during which colleagues prepare their own delicacies. Colleagues can consume the cookies on offer, they place their donations in money boxes and the proceeds go to help the work of the Food Bank, thus supporting the needy.