On the road with GLS

The goal of GLS staff is to provide high quality service to both Senders and Addressees on a daily basis.

GLS truck arriving to a depot

This applies to subcontractors and their couriers as well, who also play a prominent role throughout Europe.

They are in charge of the final work steps at GLS - to deliver and collect parcels in a reliable manner.
The common goal is the satisfaction of customers and addressees and this brings everyone together.

GLS carrier is a subcontractor

Become a GLS transport partner

In the growing market, GLS is looking for independent transport companies throughout Hungary to take over delivery tours and long distance line hauls. With your min. five delivery vans, you can manage deliveries and collections in a contiguous postal code area.

Are you interested in a partnership? Then please send your company introduction to operations@gls-hungary.com. If your offer meets the requirements of GLS, we will contact you for further arrangements.

GLS is working with transport partners.

Courier job

If you are interested in vacancies in the transport sector, please note that GLS is working with transport partners. For details about open transport vacancies, you can contact us and we will forward your details.

Please send us your CV to futar@gls-hungary.com.


Current job opening by our transport partners

Courier, hand worker jobs

Rakodómunkás állás Budapest, XI. kerületében

Rakodómunkásokat keresünk a 11. kerületi depónkba, 4 órás munkavégésre.

Munkaidő: 15:30-19:30


  • Megbízhatóság
  • Terhelhetőség
  • Precizítás
  • Jó állóképesség


Teherautókról a csomagok le- és felpakolása, korszerű technika segítségével.

Jelentkezés módja

A fényképes önéletrajzokat a futar11.gls@gmail.com e-mail címre várjuk a pozíció megjelölésével.