Parcel delivery adapted to the lives of your private customers


24-hour delivery* throughout France, for all your parcels weighing between 0 and 30 kg. Geolocation tracking available throughout France.*24/48H delivery. 92% of deliveries made in less than 24 hours.


Le jour de sa livraison, votre client dispose d’un suivi géolocalisé sur mobile.En cas d’imprévu, il peut changer en direct son mode de livraison, jusqu’à la dernière minute (livraison dans un Relais GLS de proximité ou en lieu sûr à domicile).


Throughout the delivery process, your customer is kept informed by e-mail and SMS (package handed over to GLS, delivery date, delivery in progress, etc.).


Your logo and brand colours are displayed on the parcel's geolocation tracking screen: a high-performance marketing tool.


The day before delivery, your customer can change the delivery address or date, or request a GLS Relay delivery (Point Relais® or Locker or Voisin Relais).


GLS incorporates a positive reviews engine to boost your e-reputation (post-delivery SMS sent and reviews published on the platform of your choice).


Includes: a unique tracking screen in your brand's colours for a delivery that reflects your image

Customise the geolocalised parcel tracking screen in your own colours:
• Delivery route, pictograms, buttons, etc.
• Display your logo on the tracking screen

Increase the visibility of your brand right up to the final delivery of the parcel.

Offer delivery services that make all the difference!

Driver GLS France delivers in Express before 1:00 pm door

Imminent arrival

This is the average time between your customer receives the text message "Follow
the arrival of the delivery parcel" and the moment it delivered.

GLS France customer couple consults tracking tablet Ecommerce


This is the average rate of visits to the geolocated parcel tracking page.

Driver GLS France medicine parcels green label health sensitive products

Attention span

This is the average time your customer spends consulting the geolocated tracking page for their parcel.


Boost your customer engagement with our exclusive Engage Plus service!

Geolocalised parcel tracking becomes your new advertising space.

• Broadcast your targeted communications during delivery tracking.
• 100% customisable display formats via a dedicated interface.
• Package tracking page consulted 13 minutes* on average by your customers.

* Average time observed on 20 million parcels.