GLS Alerts

Due to weather conditions or other exceptional circumstances it may occur that your consignment to or from the Netherlands will arrive at its destination with a delay. An overview with the current disturbances can be found below.

Holidays that can affect transit times can be found at our holiday planning page.

The Netherlands

Delay1 day  
DetailsOn Tuesday 31 March we received a larger than normal amount of parcels for dispatch. A small part will be delayed with a maximum of one day.


DetailsAll stores in Belgium are currently closed with the exception of supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations and banks. Shipments to all non essential stores are therefore not possible. Shipments to consumers and companies will remain possible if measures are taken (appropriate distance etc.). These measures can however affect the transit time of your shipment.


Delay3 days  
DetailsIn France most parcel carriers decided to stop distribution on Friday for the time being. Thereby dispatched parcels that are offered for delivery on Friday will be delivered on the Tuesday thereafter.


Delay> 1 day  
DetailsDue to the outbreak of the Corona virus (COVID-19) many businesses in Italy are currently closed and not all shipments can be delivered and will be processed via an other logistics centre.

Please check in advance if the consignee is opened for business. When the consignee is closed GLS will not store the shipment and return it to sender.