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A woman with a phone in one hand and a parcel in the other entering a parcelShop

Parcel sending and collection under one roof. Nearly 1000 GLS ParcelShops are at your disposal in over 400 townships nationwide. Want to send a parcel within Hungary or to somewhere else in the European Union? You've come to the right place!

Tribe of Couriers GLS ParcelShop

Episode: Tribe of Couriers

How does the strange naturalist studying the ways of the big city life see the world of GLS ParcelShop? What kind of evolutionary leap did this nature documentarian discover in the growth of parcel posting? What does a Queen Mother do in a GLS depot? How do the different shopkeeper tribes work together? Find out the answers and more in these found footages!

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A woman with a parcel in a parcelShop

Parcel dispatch

At parcel delivery points, anyone can dispatch their parcel to Hungary or abroad easily. Parcels will be delivered on the next working day in Hungary, in the case of export delivery the turnaround time is 1-4 working days. As a result of our simple pricing, only the size of the parcel matters when calculating the shipment fee. 5 sizes – 5 prices

Customer digitally signing for a parcel at a GLS parcelshop

Parcel collection

Addressees have the option to collect their parcels at any GLS ParcelShop. If the sender has also ordered the FlexDeliveryService - Flexible Delivery Service, it is possible to change the place of collection, for example to a GLS ParcelShop near you.

Become a GLS ParcelShop operator and acquire new potential customers.

Open your own GLS ParcelShop

Become a GLS ParcelShop operator and acquire new potential customers. By expanding the range of services you provide, you can distinguish yourself from your competitors. On the GLS website, your business will appear in the map search along with your business contact information, thus helping customers find your shop.

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Useful information

In order to ensure that the parcels passing through the GLS system can be forwarded safely and efficiently, proper and professional packaging is essential. Find out more about this!