Parcel delivery is our core business.

GLS provides reliable parcel services to companies of all sizes and industries - national and international. Individuals and companies sending relatively small numbers of parcels can use more than 1000 ParcelShop/ Szybka Paczka points throughout Poland.

GLS delivery driver makes a delivery to a business district

Regular shipment

Are you sending business-to-business and business-to-customer parcels? GLS has the perfect transport solutions for your parcels, your company and your customers. Find out more and get an offer!

Customer hands over a parcel to a ParcelShop attendant for delivery

Occassional shipment

Do you send a small numbers of parcels? Use our ParcelShop/ Szybka Paczka network and send parcels conveniently and without queues! There are already over 1600 ParcelShop/ Szybka Paczka points in Poland.

Map of availability of GLS FlexDeliveryService

FlexDeliveryService connects 23 countries

Flexible delivery: GLS informs recipients early about the delivery of goods and offers a variety of delivery options to choose from.

GLS delivery van ready for deliveries in front of Sagrada Familia

Reliable international shipment

Precisely-coordinated transports and modern distribution centres link the individual countries.

Dear Customers, we kindly inform you that, in accordance with the Government Regulation, only people over 60 years of age can be served at our Szybka Paczka / PracelShop points from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 12.00. We apologize for inconveniences!

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Web application for managing shipments

ADE-Plus is a web application that allows you to manage the entire transport process via the Internet. It works in any modern browser, and you only need internet access to use it. Thanks to the WebAPI service, integration of ADE-Plus with customer systems is very simple.

anne putz, gls marketing, quality leader

People of different ethnic origin, culture, religion or belief work at and for GLS. Appreciation, respect and understanding in interacting with employees and partners are important principles of the Group.

Anne Putz, Head of Marketing and Communication