Our goals:

  • Constantly increase the quality of services provided to Customers.
  • Be close to our Customers; precisely adjust services to meet their changing needs.
  • Keep increasing the effectiveness of our network and operational systems.
  • Always take advantage of the latest IT technologies and security systems.
  • Take part pro-actively and on a regular basis in environmental actions.
  • Respect the differences between our employees and constantly support their skills.
  • Provide jobs by constant increase in value.
  • Act responsibly and according to guidelines included in the Code of Business Conduct.

Your parcel arrives on time.

Your parcel arrives on time

Top quality in dispatch means that customers can rely on their service provider. Reliability is therefore one of the most important values for GLS and employees support this actively each and every day. The entire GLS system is geared towards reliable dispatch, including the site and network structures, the information technology, and the process monitoring and control. The quality of the service is standardised and safeguarded throughout Europe, for example, using a certified quality management system and a comprehensive key figures system. The result: across Europe, GLS delivers over 90 percent of all parcels within the defined standard delivery times.

How GLS ensures reliability:

- dense and comprehensive European network

- consistently high quality throughout Europe

- quality management to the ISO 9001:2015 standard

- ongoing checks

- centrally managed on-site auditing

- cross-border process optimisation

Your parcel arrives safe and sound.

Your parcel arrives safe and sound

In order that goods reach the recipient securely, specific security measures are essential. GLS has created uniform security standards across Europe for systematic prevention. The GLS Group damage and loss ratio has for years remained consistently low at 0.01 percent. Modern alarm systems are used to protect goods. In the hubs and larger depots, GLS monitors parcels using video surveillance. Each individual process step is checked. GLS scans the parcels at all important interfaces and analyses the data. Employees and delivery drivers are given regular training in order to ensure careful handling of all consignments. Liability up to the value of the goods (up to a maximum of PLN 6,000 per parcel), is also included.

What security means at GLS:

- high security standards throughout the Group

- multiple scanning of parcels

- video surveillance

- alarm systems

- access controls

- regular training of employees and delivery drivers

- continuous checks of parcel processing and loading

We keep track of your parcel.

We keep track of your parcel

At GLS, ongoing IT-based monitoring of each individual parcel is one of the cornerstones of our high service quality standards. Parcels are marked with individual numbers and scanned at all important interfaces. This information is available throughout the whole Group, ensuring the smooth flow of parcels internally and across borders. Many senders also place great importance on being able to track their consignments. Often they like the recipients of their goods to have access to the parcel status information as well. From collection to delivery, GLS makes the relevant status information available online. In many countries it is already available in almost real time, thanks to modern IT solutions and mobile data transfer from delivery vehicles.

How GLS ensures transparency:

- individual encoding of each parcel

- harmonised throughout Europe parcel scanning at all important interfaces

- all relevant parcel status information available online

- for senders and recipientsparcel tracking in almost real-time

- digital recipient signature available online

We find the right solutions for you.

We find the right solutions for you

Parcel delivery is nowadays a highly industrialised and standardised process. Only in this way can top quality at a competitive price be achieved. Yet GLS places great value on offering flexible solutions. To achieve this, the GLS Group has established a homogeneous, transparent basic product and service portfolio across Europe. Products can be combined with services – specially designed for returns processing or e-commerce, for example. Many of the products and services are available throughout Europe. They are supplemented by services that are tailored to specific countries and only available in those countries. GLS offers customers convenient solutions to connect with its IT system. In combination with support by local staff, this means a high degree of flexibility in a stable international framework.

Flexibility at GLS means:

- short response times

- local presence and customer proximity

- sector-specific solutions

- in-depth knowledge of markets and countries

- individual product/service combinations

- easy consignment processing with GLS dispatch systems

We act responsibly

We act responsibly

GLS takes its responsibility towards its staff, society and the environment seriously and is committed to equality, to education and to minimising environmental impact. Environmental focus areas are greater energy efficiency, increased use of renewable energy and emissions reduction. Through optimised route planning, GLS manages to shorten its delivery routes. Furthermore, the number of low-emission vehicles is steadily increased. The Group also considers green aspects in new buildings projects, for example installing heat pumps and rainwater harvesting systems. The majority of GLS companies already operate an ISO 14001-certified environmental management system. GLS is committed to a close relationship of mutual respect with all staff and transport partners. Social institutions are supported on a regular basis, both with donations and with the free provision of transport services.

Sustainability at GLS means:

- use of low-emission vehicles

- environmentally-friendly new buildings and modernisation

- reduction in fuel, paper and electricity consumption

- continuing professional development of our staff

- close, long-term partnerships with our transport partners

- social responsibility in practice nationally and locally


Certified quality and sustainability

Thanks to all-European quality and environmental management systems, GLS provides high quality and sustainability. GLS possesses DIN ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certificates issued by DQS, a globally recognise auditing company. These advanced systems meet the requirements of high, international standards.

Quality is the top priority

By precisely specified processes, specific guidelines and control procedures as well as regular audits, GLS can provide a high level of provided services. Key quality indexes are constantly monitored.

Appreciated environmental management

GLS is a pro-environmental company that puts into effect the idea of sustainability in all countries where it operates.

The ISO 14001 certificate for the environmental management system have been granted to 18 GLS Group subsidiaries. This, globally recognised standard is considered by manufacturers and service providers to be the most important in terms of environmental management.

Manufacturers and service providers consider this standard to be one of the most important documents in terms of environmental management.

GDP certificate for transporting medical products

GLS has also received a Good Distribution Practice (GDP) compliance certificate in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Ireland and Luxembourg.

The GDP guidelines are binding in the territory of the European Union for pharmaceutical wholesalers. GLS branches in those six countries meet strict requirements for safety and hygiene regarding transporting medical products for human use without the need to maintain a controlled temperature.

Legally compliant operations

Responsible and systematic prevention

GLS Group has introduced a programme in all countries allowing for easy identification of irregularities and further prevention of any unethical conduct. The programme has been developed to protect the GLS Group and its employees and is aimed at strengthening trust of our existing and future Customers.

GLS focuses on the following aspects:

- competition law,
- fight against corruption,
- money laundering prevention,
- fight against slave labour, slavery and human trafficking.

Code of Business Conduct

Trust given by Customers, employees, business partners and the public opinion is the priority for the GLS Group. To strengthen it, we have created the Code of Business Conduct that defines our fundamental values and conduct guidelines for all employees.

Code of Conduct for GLS Group Suppliers

GLS expects its suppliers to comply with the standards set out in this Supplier Code of Conduct, to implement them using appropriate measures and to comply with them in their business operations.

Procedure of reporting irregularities

The GLS Group has also decided to implement the procedure of reporting irregularities intended for employees, business partners and third parties intended for fully confidential reporting of any concerns relating to crimes or violations.


Whistleblower / Ombudsman

On such matters all employees, business partners and third parties may contact

Attorney Dr Rainer Buchert
Kaiserstraße 22
60311 Frankfurt am Main
Tel: +49 69 710 33 330 or +49 6105 92 1355
Fax: +49 69 710 34 444
E-Mail: kanzlei@dr-buchert.de

Contact form for informants

Dr Buchert will not consider complaints concerning matters which are not of a criminal or similar serious nature. When in doubt, he will advise on how to proceed.

All complaints will be treated in confidence. Dr Buchert is required by his statutory lawyers’ confidentiality obligations not to disclose the identity of callers without their explicit consent to do otherwise. He also has the right to refuse to give evidence (including the identity of whistleblowers) if requested by a court of law. Complaints to the ombudsman will only be passed on to the GLS Group once the consent of the complainant has been received.

Of course, concerns in respect of the above matters can also be reported to an employee's line manager or other contact person within the GLS Group.

GLS employee during office work at a computer

Personal data protection

GLS B.V. and its subsidiaries in 19 EU countries (“GLS Group”) attach great importance to personal data protection. Personal data is collected only and exclusively according to adequate legal regulations.