Customer digitally signs for his parcel

International Shipments

Our products for Europe-wide parcel delivery.

GLS delivery driver delivers parcels to an office building; customer digitally signs for his parcel;

National Shipments

Our products for national parcel delivery.

GLS delivery van driving through a forest


Speed and punctuality are the first priorities for every GLS express delivery.

Express delivery in Ireland means GLS will deliver urgent parcels directly to the desired recipient before 17.00 the next working day. If the parcel does not arrive on time, a refund will be made.


Customer using the GLS app on his phone, sitting on counter


With FlexDeliveryService GLS informs recipients early about the delivery of goods and offers a variety of delivery options to choose from.

Label on a GLS parcel being scanned using a PDA


GLS parcel products and express delivery can be individually combined with a wide range of value-added services. This way, shipments can be tailored to your specific needs.