GLS-ONE is our new and improved online portal for private customers to buy labels & ship parcels the easy way!

e-commerce online parcel label

Print your own labels to send your next parcel!

Simply register, choose your parcel size, add it to your shopping cart, pay and receive your parcel label.

Create an account
Register on the GLS-ONE website

Register on GLS-ONE to create parcel labels & manage your own account

Choose your parcel size
Configure your parcel size

Choose from a list of parcel sizes easily

Make your payment online
Payment online

Make your payment via PayPal

Your label is created
Order confirmation

Your order is confirmed, label created and all you have to do next is drop your parcel into your nearest ParcelShop

Drop your package into your nearest Parcel Shop
Drop your package into your nearest Parcel Shop

Use our Parcel Shop finder to locate your nearest Parcel Shop.


Benefits as a registered user

My Address Book

1. Add various addresses

2. Edit & delete addresses

My Account

1. Edit account details like your email address and password

2. Add your address as the default sender address

My Parcels

1. Filter delivery types

2. Filter time frames

3. Add parcels

4. Access mobile parcel labels & proof of delivery

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