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Sending a parcel in Europe has never been easier. With GLS’s online service, you can create your shipments to another EU member state as easily as a domestic shipment.

Price List

3 kg15 kg30 kgMPS*
29 €59 €79 €49 € / paketti
*Multiple parcel Shipment means three or more parcel sent at the same time from the same address to a single address.

Maximum dimensions and weight

LengthWidthHeightTape measure*Weight
200 cm80 cm60 cm300 cm30 kg
*Parcel circumference plus parcel length, calculated 1* length + 2* width + 2* height.
GLS parcel being delivered in Germany

The prices are for parcel to and from the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal, Poland, France, Romania, Sweden, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia and the United Kingdom. The prices are not for areas outside the EU’s customs and excise area, and certain peripheral regions and islands.

GLS parcel being packed at an e-commerce warehouse

Looking for a broader transportation solution for your business?

As a contract customer of GLS, you get all the same benefits as an individual sender, while also getting a wide range of contract customers' services, such as bulk and non-bulk consignments, global air haulage, customised price list and billing service with agreed terms of payment. Read more or become a customer.