Shipping tools

GLS provides a suitable shipping tool for all your needs. Our tools adapt to your needs whether your shipment is large or small. You can also use different ordering channels flexibly side-by-side.


The easiest and fastest way for small and medium-sized shipments - GLSOnline is an online portal provided by GLS to create and manage your shipments easily. The GLSOnline portal provides comprehensive and easy-to-use tools for creating, managing and tracking your shipments. It can be deployed in minutes, without any start-up or monthly fees. This tool, designed in Finland to suit the needs of Finnish companies, is a reliable, secure and, above all, easy-to-use way of managing your shipments. Based on user feedback, the continuously evolving user interface and the latest technology solutions make the portal a powerful tool for everyday management of shipments, while supporting a new user in dispatching, creating the necessary documents and tracking of shipments.
The portal also keeps you up to date on GLS product innovations and other topical issues and provides you with the necessary reporting and management tools to manage your logistics.

Integration interfaces

If you are a frequent user, our integration interfaces enable you to connect your system to our services effortlessly. With the integration interfaces provided by GLS, you can build a seamless connection between your computer system and the GLS systems, so you can automate the process of creating shipments and other daily shipping-related tasks.
Direct integration with the GLS systems is the most effective solution for handling large quantities of shipments. We support you in choosing the right integration channel and help you connect all the services you need to your system.

Third-party solutions

In addition to our own solutions, we support a comprehensive range of third-party shipping solutions, such as the Unifaun and Consignori shipping tools and the ready-made integration modules for online store platforms.