GLS for e-commerce

GLS delivery driver hands over parcel to customer on a doorstep

GLS’ international parcel delivery services help you undertake the deliveries of your online shop with ease and reliability. Read more about our services to online sellers below or contact our sales team.

Services for online sellers

We have designed our services to be easy to use for both senders and recipients. GLS’ international parcel delivery services help you undertake the deliveries of your online shop easily and reliably. The shipments can be booked either directly via GLS or through comprehensive ecommerce integrations.
Online sellers and their customers benefit from the following advantages of GLS:

Continuous tracking across international borders.

The recipient's signature information helps avoid fraudulent ordering attempts.

Extensive integration possibilities for online shopping platforms

Either directly or via 3rd party solutions.

Functional shipping services for both private and corporate customers.
Easy-to-use online booking.
GLS' extensive ParcelShop network in Europe ensures smooth deliveries to consumers.

GLS offers a tailored transportation solution to your needs regardless of the size of your online store. Ask for a personal mapping of needs or a shipping quotation from our sales department.

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Our most popular services for online merchants

Our current online store customers use the following services, among others:


EuroBusinessParcel is a precision tool for the European market. You can reach approx. 500 million consumers in your EU home market and your important corporate customers with one service, easily, reliably and cost-effectively.


FlexDeliveryService is a flexible delivery that allows the recipient of the parcel to amend the delivery of a shipment while it is in progress, by changing the delivery time or address.


GLS' European network is complemented by a global collaborative network that allows you to send your parcel almost anywhere.