Be aware of online fraud

Be aware of phishing emails and fraud attemps posing as GLS. Genuine emails from GLS Finland come from addresses ending, or GLS will never send you email from free email services. GLS Finland does not offer payment services where we or our couriers would deliver payments to you for products you may sell online.

GLS Finland

GLS representative talking about an offer with a customer

Ask for a quotation

GLS offers you a suitable solution for your regular transportation needs. We work with businesses of all sizes, both in consumer trade and B2B business. We would like to tell you more or prepare a personalised quotation for your business.

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Ship now

Sending a parcel in Europe has never been easier. With GLS’s online service, you can create your shipments to another EU member state as easily as a domestic shipment.

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Waiting for a parcel?

Waiting for parcels sent to you?
Learn more about how we deliver your parcel in Finland.