Szybka Paczka: GLS Poland rebrands its ParcelShops

Szybka Paczka News 05/04/2019

Customer-friendly: To increase visibility, 100 pilot shops out of a total of over 1.500 ParcelShops of GLS Poland are renamed Szybka Paczka. The others are to follow if the results are positive.

The shop-in-shop service for private clients and recipients is well-received throughout Poland. Since some customers have had difficulties recognizing the ParcelShops due to the English name, GLS Poland responds to their needs by rebranding 100 pilot shops.

The brand Szybka Paczka, meaning fast parcel, is already known by many Polish customers. Founded in 1998, it used to be Poland’s express service that later became GLS Poland.

Szybka Paczka is to evoke direct associations with the services provided by GLS, i.e. with the fast delivery of parcels.

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