GLS Poland invests in infrastructure

News 01/07/2019

Even more efficient: opening new depots in Bielawa and Tarnobrzeg allows GLS Poland to optimize parcel handling and delivery times in the respective areas.

New site in Bielawa

Due to increasing delivery volumes, the south-eastern regions of Lower Silesia required an additional site. The new depot is the 37th in Poland and operates in the Bielawski Industrial Park, near DK 384. It takes over parts of the area served by the regional sorting plant in Wrocław and the depot in Legnica. With over 1.000 square meters, the depot in Bielawa will handle about 2.800 parcels daily. It offers 30 gates for delivery vans and three unloading gates.

A total of 38 depots in Poland

GLS opened the new depot in Tarnobrzeg in June. It has an office space of 103 square meters and a warehouse space of 320 square meters. Located near DK9 between Warsaw and Rzeszów, the site in Tarnobrzeg will take parcels from Rzeszów, Kielce and Lublin. It has a capacity of about 1.200 parcels daily.

GLS Poland continues to invest in a strong network: the parcel service provider will open further sites and expand some of its existing depots in the future.