Parcel information by e-mail

Stay up to date and play a role in decisions


GLS informs recipients about parcel delivery by e-mail. Select the right delivery option for you from numerous options – before your parcel is on the move.

You decide the delivery location and date. That way, you avoid unsuccessful delivery attempts and receive ordered goods faster and more conveniently.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Receive information as early as the start of the delivery process
  • Find out the probable day of delivery in advance
  • View your delivery options immediately and directly via the link in the e-mail
  • No registration or login necessary
  • Choose from numerous delivery options with just a few clicks

E-mail number one: item is ready to send

The sender prepares your parcel and sends GLS the parcel data and your e-mail address – if you have agreed to this (via the terms and conditions or during the order process). GLS informs you via e-mail of the GLS informs you via e-mail of the anticipated day of delivery.

Do you already know no one will be there to accept the parcel? No problem – you can even select alternative delivery options at this point.

E-mail number two: parcel is on the way

As soon as GLS collects the parcel from the sender, the day of delivery can be ascertained. You will then receive a second e-mail with the estimated delivery date. The data is based on prior experience, but is not binding. For example, it may be the case that heavy goods vehicles or delivery vehicles get stuck in traffic.

Additional e-mails: following delivery or attempted delivery

GLS also informs you about the status of your parcel after delivery. This occurs regardless of whether you selected a delivery option or not.

You receive the following information:

  • Parcel has been delivered to the desired address.
  • Parcel has been left at the desired location.
  • Parcel has been delivered to the desired GLS ParcelShop.
  • Parcel could not be delivered.
  • Parcel has been delivered to a GLS ParcelShop as an alternative option.
  • Parcel has been delivered to a neighbour as an alternative option.

Your route to more choice

In the e-mails, you will find a link to the GLS website – taking you directly to the delivery options for your parcel. You can choose between different options immediately, without logging in.

For example, you have the opportunity to choose a day for the delivery or to reroute the parcel – for instance to a different address or a GLS ParcelShop.

More about the delivery options

Important note

GLS sends you e-mails if the sender – for example the operator of an online shop – has fulfilled the requirements to do so. For you as the recipient, that means: you only receive information via e-mail for GLS parcels from these senders.